On these hollow out wrist watch, “carving time” is not only the rhetoric of vanity

美人在骨不在皮,时计也是一样。 For an hour meter dial watch case is skin deep, movement is the skeleton, propping up mike sheron of pattern, driving accuracy stable operation & ndash; & ndash; Dare to generous & other; Explicit & throughout; Wrist watch, has its own style.

if the movement is a wrist watch is the most moving part of the hollow out movement, is the hour meter after purification refining pure beauty. First of all, you need a already extremely beautiful movement, it must be rational layout, stable running, because all the logic of the concealed under the plywood will bare without reserve; Then, you need a weapon master, like a skilled and magical craftsmanship, a touch will know moment, without hesitation and appropriately for this movement QuWuCunJing; In the end, you may need to be a sculptor, like the faithful, with extreme kedao homage to the shrine of time.

so, each hollow out wrist watch is a peaceful, on these hollow out wrist watch, & other; Throughout the time & carving; Really don’t just vanity of rhetoric.

patek Calatrava Ref. 5180/1 r Squelette watches

in the 1960 s, the quartz watch in the storm, the heavy mechanical watch is especially clumsy, unfashionable. If you want to and quartz watch & other; Competition & throughout; Table, a new generation of machinery must meet the precision of far more than ever, but also has the appearance of the very thin. Result 240 movement came into being, it came like a manifesto, is the firm stance of the mechanical movement.

240 movement

the 40th anniversary of the start of this year to commemorate the birth of 240 movement, patek philippe has launched a new Calatrava Ref. 5180/1 r Squelette wrist watch. Movement splint is hollow out, the bridge and the bottom is reliable nondestructive movement essence and function. On the floor when clockwork Gu the scope of the same void, no block, as far as coiled under the hollow out Carla ZhuoHua cross the mainspring of lies. Fret hollow out movement takes more than a week, but the work does not end there. Movement and then to the carving craft play retouching techniques, the use of more than one hundred and thirty hours with movement of other structures, one by one, add vivid vortex and arabesque.

patek Calatrava Ref. 5180/1 r Squelette wrist watch

22 k gold mini put tuo this year for the first time in patek philippe mark & other; PP” English signs. Finally, the hollow out machine chassis be rose gold plating and polishing, and the case and bracelet. Movement by 18 k 5 n rose gold ring around, supporting ring itself is caused by the hollow out twelve spokes, ACTS as a wrist watch hour scale.

Vacheron constantin Malte Malta series engraved look the tourbillon watches

as early as in 1755, the founder of Vacheron constantin jean-marc Vacheron in producing the first Vacheron constantin table has been equipped with engraved look balance cock, for Vacheron constantin years thereafter to connect fully, and the pursuit of light and laid the foundation. By 1924, vacheron constantin has produced the first overall engraved look machine and install it on a pocket watch. The pursuit of peaking in 1920 to 1990. In the meantime, constantin for all kinds of pocket watch and watch, had created many different and simplified engraved look movement.

vacheron constantin Malte Malta series engraved look the tourbillon watch

the more complex functions of the movement, in the process of make it hollow out the more challenging. Especially with the tourbillon mechanism of wrist watch, more difficult. Are said to build a 2790 SQ movement, took more than 500 hours each link craftsmen, makes the movement is a blend of functional tuo engraved look technology of flywheel and connect fully. Inspired by pyramid, constantin devised a triangle the architectural style of decorative pattern, used to decorate hollow out wrist watch bridge. These small triangle of very fine carving fine, sometimes to only one over ten of a millimeter. Finally make table primary can see from different angles, internal subtle changes of light artistic movement.

CARTIER RONDE DE CARTIER series of mysterious hour hollow out watches

& other; The mysterious time & throughout; The magician in the field of this mechanism is like tabulation, every stage had begun compact drums, attracted a wandering spotlight, finally snapped the appearance: two pointer indicates time suspended in midair, all people, amazing.

CARTIER RONDE DE CARTIER series of mysterious hour hollow out wrist watch

in fact as early as this mechanism is derived from the magic. The magician make & middot; The benevolence & middot; Lobell – wudan (Jean Eugne Robert – Houdin, 1805-1871), from the vision in the magic trick to get inspired, invented the world’s first mysterious clock. In 1912, another interested in magic very clockmaker morris & middot; Library’s (Maurice Couet, 1885-1963) cooperate with Cartier, created the first Cartier mysterious clock. Library’s implementation time magic secret is: pointer is not directly connected to the movement, but two jagged metal frame fixed in the crystal on the disk. Crystal disc driven by movement, respectively in the hour and the minute hand of rotate speed. In order to make more realistic illusion, disk circle of metal frame was hidden in the time scale.

CARTIER RONDE DE CARTIER series of mysterious hour hollow out wrist watch

this mysterious mechanism in recent years was Cartier Renaissance time on wrist watch, gave birth to a series of mysterious time to watch. Kadeya again this year the mysterious time of magic, but the effect is more wonderful, because perforations and be fused among them. Originally to let mysterious time effect is best, movement of mechanical parts in the original is very compact, equivalent to a circular movement into a crescent-shaped space. Now the crescent-shaped space also to hollow out, its difficulty cans be imagined. In order to achieve the effect, the watchmaker, quite creative labelled when Roman numerals to hollow out table bridge, provides stable support for movement. Finally set up the 192 parts of this magic stage, hollow out and mysterious beauty nakedness overlap, as one time of scenic spots.

watch table Techframe ferrari 70 anniversary of the founding of the tourbillon timing wrist watch

watch table this with ferrari played a crossover, ferrari track day carnival held in Shanghai on release of the cooperation design Techframe ferrari 70 anniversary of the founding of the tourbillon timing wrist watch. null