Omega wrist performance gets the beauty of winter

looking forward to the mysterious stars in the Milky Way,

also cherish the special moment of ordinary life.

omega wrist performance gets the beauty of winter.

snow dance all over the sky,

ice crystal and transparent time frozen at this moment we together looking for falling in hakodate stars stars twinkling,

month hanging branches beautiful silver fox,

quietly listen to the rhythm of the falling snow, ordinary life

there is always a special moment

omega super series table, the phases of the moon to reaches observatory’s suggested retail price: $76000

knights of the silver bear looks at on the dark side of bath in the hazy moonlight eagerly, also like a deep gloss paint, such as ink

omega super series & other; The dark of the moon surface & throughout; 腕表,建议零售价: 88,700元


欧米茄星座系列尊霸年历腕表限量版,建议零售价: 351,500元


欧米茄星座系列至臻天文台小秒针腕表,建议零售价: 83,600元


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