Omega tribute swimming star Michael Phelps legend

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Phelps led team USA in Rio DE janeiro Olympic Games & 4 times; Broke the Olympic record in the 100 – meter medley relay, won the gold medal

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Michael Phelps in Rio crowned in the 200 – meter butterfly

23 gold MEDALS, 28 MEDALS

Michael Phelps from the children of the youth to become us swimming legend of extraordinary is gold and total MEDALS in the Olympic history the most athletes

bring Michael Phelps in the 2016 Olympics in Rio, with five golden 1 silver Olympic career successful conclusion

in Rio DE janeiro Olympic Games swimming competition, Michael & bull; Phelps won five gold MEDALS and 1 silver medal. Since 2000, he took part in the five games, a total of 23 gold MEDALS, MEDALS, with unprecedented success to his Olympic career perfect curtain call. Use & other; Legend & throughout; To describe Phelps has slightly thin, because he has pushed the limits of human new peak. And omega serves as a formal Olympic timing, witness and recorded his excellent performance along the way and the extraordinary achievements. & have spent

& other; I was 31 years old, but feel now faster than ever before. Throughout the &; & other; It’s hard to say the games have what regret, this is a veritable interpreta dream trip. Throughout the &; & have spent & have spent

& ndash; Youth dreams & ndash; & have spent & have spent

bring about 15, Michael Phelps in the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games to participate in the 200 – meter butterfly final

& other; The age of 15, I told my agent: & lsquo; I want to change my swimming the sport. & rsquo; Throughout the &; In 2000, the age of 15, Michael Phelps made a 200 – meter butterfly in the Sydney Olympic Games of the fifth grade. This achievement doesn’t stand out at the time, but when the seed of the dream has been planted, is no force on earth can stop the boy become a legend. & have spent In 2001, 16-year-old Phelps broke the world record for the 200 – meter butterfly, to become the most young athletes broke the world record for the swimming. World championships in Barcelona in 2003, Phelps won six MEDALS, created the five world records, which break the 100 – meter butterfly on the same day and 200 – meter individual medley of two world records. However this is only a prequel, really let people remember the names of Phelps is the 2004 Athens Olympic Games. & have spent

& ndash; Legend began & ndash; & have spent

Athens Olympics, Phelps won 6 gold MEDALS at a stroke, 2 bronze MEDALS. Behind the brilliant achievement, Phelps is the unremitting efforts for dream. & other; I want to be the best swimmer in history. Throughout the &; Firm faith, full pay, put all your eggs in one basket is determined to finally let & other; Flying fish & throughout; For success.

bring Michael Phelps in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games men’s 100 m butterfly final narrowly won by 0.01 seconds on the Serbian contestant milorad & bull; Check has

the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, Phelps renew legend, won 8 gold MEDALS, broke the world record, 7 Olympic BaiNianShi largest single Olympic Games gold medal of the player. Grandiloquence really realized at the age of 15, Phelps has ushered in the era of Michael Phelps.

bring Michael Phelps won 8 gold MEDALS at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games

& ndash; dream to help him through the trough & ndash; & have spent

the London 2012 Olympics, Phelps won four gold MEDALS. On August 4, the same year, he announced his retirement. In an interview earlier this year, Phelps was recalling that setback, & other; In 2012, is a very challenging year, but it is the challenge makes me feel to go back to the original yourself, like a child, I really cherish this state. Throughout the &; In the end, the love of swimming, insisted that Phelps to dream to struggle again, April 15, 2014, he announced his return. & have spent Return path is not plain sailing, however, after months of 2014, Phelps not only experienced the comeback, title, also had to let all people surprised. & other; Life there will be unpleasant, but I think everything depends on inner beliefs. If your heart is very eager to do STH, nothing can stop you. Throughout the &; To a childhood dream, Phelps to change himself, he becomes more self-discipline, 10 o ‘clock on time every night to sleep, get up at 6 o ‘clock in the morning to start training. His athletic trainers from China even learn a new way of treatment & ndash; & ndash; Cupping, helped him relax muscles at training. & have spent & have spent

& ndash; Return of the king & ndash; & have spent

& other; I have some unfinished business, hoping to finish them before retirement. I enjoy once again return to the feeling of swimming pool. Is 31 years old, but I feel now than ever before. Throughout the &; & have spent & have spent

bring Michael Phelps in the 2016 Olympics in Rio won 5 gold 1 silver

the energy savings already a long time finally broke out in Rio DE janeiro Olympic Games. Phelps successively in the 200 m butterfly, won the gold medal in the 200 – meter individual medley, and led the United States in 4 & times; The 100 – meter freestyle relay, 4 & times; The 200 – meter freestyle relay and 4 & times; Won in the 100 – meter medley relay. The Rio Olympics he won five gold MEDALS and one silver medal. From the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games until now in Rio, 5 games, 23 gold, 3 silver and 2 bronze record for Phelps became the most gold and total MEDALS in Olympic history. The 31-year-old & other; Flying fish & throughout; Well packaged with incredible results.

bring Phelps appeared in the home of Rio omega & other Us swimming legend & throughout; Special events

after the game, as the omega celebrity ambassador, Phelps at the home of omega & other; Us swimming legend & throughout; Activities. Talk about time in Rio DE janeiro Olympic Games, he regrets, & other; This is the best way to end my swimming career career. I think all the dust settles, finally the Rio is one of the last Olympic Games, I attended here I finished the last few games. Once again, though, I don’t have to create a new world record, but did come out of the personal best. I also had the honour of being selected for the first time as a captain, to undertake the responsibility of the whole team, to meet and help more young people. It’s hard to say what the games and regret, it was a veritable interpreta dream trip. Out, life is different, but to accompany and take care of family is what I’m really looking forward to. I’m looking forward to watching the child was growing up, turned out to be a teenager. Throughout the &; & have spent Mentioned to inspire and influence of the younger generation, he said: & other; Now I finally begin to feel it. I saw my grades have created for the swimming movement brought a huge change. I would encourage young swimmers to brave, fearless, bold commitments. I am very bullish on the development of the young generation, encourage them to brave to show yourself. In the future, I will also continue to support and care. Throughout the &;

finally, Phelps also especially when it comes to omega.

& other; In my career with many well-known brand cooperation. To be fair, omega is one of extremely good. I time the longest cooperation with omega, omega is like family to me. In the game every year is very honored to have the world’s best timing technology. We recognized the omega timing first-class level, the pursuit of excellence. Omega is my good partner. Throughout the &; & have spent Olympic athletes with persistent beginner’s mind, adhere to the years of hard training, looking forward to a dream come true moment of glory. Because of this, as the Olympic official timing omega is always committed to provide more accurate technical support for the Olympic Games, is striving for every Olympic athletes, record the Olympic dream. & have spent A legendary curtain call, but the immortality of the dream. , omega will always help and witness who fight for dream and glory of the athletes. Off the court, omega more dream will accompany with us, record every wonderful moment of a dream come true.