Omega the moon the stories behind the table

from myths and legends of the month to chant month verses, until the first landing on the moon, man on the moon, the exploration of space has never stopped.

to celebrate the Mid-Autumn festival is traditional. Through the ages, the human yearning for the moon goes back to ancient times. The development of modern science and technology allows us to continuously explore space, to see the moon. Omega and human space exploration and moon landing really has the indissoluble bond. & have spent & have spent It, and even beyond the earth is a planet are after dental laboratories of the meter; It, across the journey far more than the sky, as far as the space; It is the first and the only one wearing a wrist watch on the moon. It is omega super series professional timepieces, and is known as the moon. & have spent & other; The moon table & throughout; The title is how to come? It has experienced the legend of how? It also mentioned from omega first generation super series wrist watch. & have spent & have spent

bring click video, understand the super series omega wrist watch great contribution to the exploration of space (video link: & have spent & have spent

legend began in the 1957 & have spent

in 1957, omega’s first super wrist once issued will change the face of the watch of wrist of timing. Initially, the hour meter was launched as a member of the hippocampus series, an unprecedented increase on the outside of the dial and table mirror velocimeter bezel. Design, around the world’s first super omega wrist laid its most iconic timing wrist position. & have spent

bring about super & rsquo; Watch of wrist of 57, price: 65600 yuan

new omega super & rsquo; 57 wrist, adhering to the super hour meter in paragraph 1 of the 1957 many classic design elements, including from watchcase extension of the vertical table ear, grind arenaceous bezel on clear speed measuring scale, etc. Dial design contracted, has two small dial, dial layout will be 12 hours and 60 minutes timing pointer at 3 o ‘clock position of small dial in at the same time, in the second small dial 9 o ‘clock position record second hand operation. & have spent

& have spent 1962 first into space of omega watches & have spent

omega with the origin and development of space exploration began in 1962. At that time, including walter & bull; M• Pull and golden & bull; G• Library cuny, a batch of astronauts private purchases the omega watch of wrist of the second generation of super series CK 2998, as their original flight wrist watch, as well as the upcoming American manned space flight mission & other; Mercury & throughout; Plan. Finally, in & other; Mercury & throughout; Plan – hercules, 8 schrage wearing super series omega wrist watch on sigma 7 spacecraft, this watch is led into space omega wrist watch. & have spent & have spent

bring 1962, schrage wearing super series omega wrist watch execution & other; Mercury & throughout; Planned mission

omega watch of wrist of first flight into space as the blueprint, create new upgrade table, also equipped with a black dial and black bezel, and stainless steel watch case with symmetric table ear. The watch was given & other; Bar & throughout; And & other & alpha; Shape & throughout; Pointer to the prototype watch salute. Table on the back of relief has omega original badge, hippocampus and engraving & other; THE FIRST OMEGA IN SPACE” , each gold wrist watch has independent number. & have spent

bring table (left) super series the moon & other; First flight into space omega & throughout; 39000 yuan, the price:

bring (right) super series & other; CK2998 & throughout; Limited edition watch, price: RMB 43600

2016 omega new super series & other; CK2998 & throughout; Limited edition watch, from the traditional design style, keep the classic Alpha type pointer and symmetric stainless steel casing, central timing second hand again use & other; Lollipops & throughout; Pointer type, watches can continue to use the omega first landmark 1861 movement in space, reveal the supreme sincerity of the brand. It is due to the movement of scarcity, this extremely has the collection value only release 2998 watches. & have spent & have spent

only and with all attitude by NASA all test & have spent

& other; Mercury & throughout; Plan after all equipment is to review and design, to be used for subsequent & other; Twin & throughout; And & other Apollo & throughout; Task. In 1964, a report on the timing of wrist watch & other Bid invitation & throughout; Was sent to several manufacturers. Omega is located in New York’s American arm also received the invitation, provide and deliver the three omega super series professional wrist watch. & have spent Subsequent testing is specially designed for detecting wrist watch damage resistance. Wrist watch to undergo two days of high temperature test (71 to 93 degrees c), frozen to 18 degrees Celsius below zero. This process is not a, but fast cycle 15 times! Wrist watch bear for the impact test: even 6 times in 40 g shock from different direction. Then after high pressure and low pressure test, 93% relative humidity environment, highly corrosive 100% oxygen environment, 130 db noise environment, at last an average of 8.8 g acceleration vibration. In the end, is only a wrist watch & other; Live & throughout; Down: omega super series professional wrist watch. & have spent

bring about NASA’s literature records show, super series professional watches & other; Pass all tests with all attitude & throughout; & have spent

super series professional watches all internal structure by PLEXIGLAS crystal table lens to protect it, this is the watch one of the key to success. Any debris under weightlessness, may bring serious security threat for astronauts, but omega using crystal table mirror nor even after damaged or broken into pieces, so for NASA, the omega wrist watch has an important advantage in space applications. & have spent In March 1965, NASA announced that omega super series professional watches are officially selected for all of its manned space flight mission designated wrist watch, the partnership continues today. Later, & other; Twin & throughout; 3 and 4 of the astronauts have to wear super series professional wrist air missions. & have spent & have spent

bring about twin 4, Edward & bull; Wear white super series professional watches, has realized the first space walk

first and the only one on the moon wearing a wrist watch & have spent

in 1969, NASA’s preparation for the first moon landing, the fourth generation super series professional wrist was choose execution & other; Apollo & throughout; Task. On July 21, 1969, 2 Greenwich mean time, the astronauts Neil & bull; Armstrong set foot on the moon’s surface, has realized the great creation of human landing on the moon for the first time. After 15 minutes, buzz & bull; Aldrin (Buzz Aldrin) is also on the surface of the moon, at this point, in the legend of the Apollo 11 mission, super series professional watches became the first piece of human worn on the wrist watch on the moon. Soon after, it is entitled & other; The moon table & throughout; The title of the famous. Until the last landing on the moon, Apollo 17 omega super series professional wrist watch in every mission to the moon for the astronauts to provide the most accurate timing of the guarantee. & have spent

bring (left) aldrin wear omega super series professional watch moon and declared the birth of the first piece of the moon

bring left (right), the moon for the first time the human footprint

bring to celebrate the 45th anniversary of space, and to the first landing on the moon’s super series professional watch a tribute, omega super series professional lunar table & other; Apollo 11 & throughout; The 45th anniversary of limited edition, price: RMB 51700

14 seconds to the success of failure & have spent

of course, space exploration has also gone through twists and turns. & have spent & other; Houston, we have a trouble! Throughout the &; In April 1970, the Apollo 13 in the process of the third moon mission, service module exploded, oxygen supply was forced to suspend. Astronauts to flee to the lunar module, shut down all of the power supply to return to earth except radio receivers. Due to the automatic position control system can not function properly, so there is no guarantee that the spacecraft to return to earth on the right track, and the wrong track into the earth’s atmosphere may lead to two devastating consequences: the spacecraft was bounce back into space, the atmosphere or is caused by increased friction completely destroyed. For safety return to the earth’s atmosphere, you must manually operation, the key to survival and success depend on accurate time to start the engine to adjust the location of a spacecraft. Astronauts use super series professional wrist watch for 14 seconds precision engine ignition timing, finally let the ship into the right track, successful return to the atmosphere. Apollo 13 mission, also known as & other; The failure of the successful & throughout; . & have spent & have spent