Omega reveal the secret area 51 watchmaking


a decade ago, a British expedition and a Norwegian expedition tried to reproduce Robert & bull; Scott and he & bull; Amundsen between the famous & other; The polar race & throughout; .

competition & other; Results & throughout; Are surprising.

& other; At ordinary times, we are basically by rory doctor that only 1911 of alarm clock wake up, the bell can last for ten seconds. But, we match was late, because in the alarm clock at 10 to 12 midnight frozen stops away. Throughout the &; England overslept, the biting cold for the first time over humanity, and it will never be the last.

remote polar regions, the mystery of the ice and snow world attracts the attention of the world explorers. This event fully illustrates the polar explorer and adventurer in the trust mechanism have to face the risk & ndash; & ndash; Even if it’s just an ordinary, not fully considering the clock application in low temperature environment. & have spent


polar cold freezing test

the polar regions extreme conditions, most electronic devices are not very reliable, especially the kind of device is equipped with LCD screen. & have spent


in polar exploration of rambling, precise control of time is very important. Digital clock stopped cold in low temperature environment, in part because of circuit used in most of the semiconductor & other; Frozen & throughout; Once the temperature, lower than the temperature will not be able to run. For traditional chain on the hour meter can also occur in the same situation? & have spent

bring series of hippocampus sea 600 meters to the universe become observatory table suggested retail price: $46900

stainless steel case and bracelet, tie-in black ceramic bezel with orange rubber

therefore, omega Lifetime magazine conducted a test.

the hippocampus to reaches the observatory table series Marine universe 600 meters into a special refrigeration indoor, decreasing gradually from room temperature at a frequency of 5 degrees Celsius to – 70 ℃, in the last four hours later, back to room temperature environment to see whether any damage.

not surprisingly, eventually watch stopped running due to oil solidification. But even watch has experienced such extreme conditions, after the return to normal temperature can still pass METAS all test, cooler test did not cause permanent damage to the mechanical structure.

this is not possible in electronic systems. Mechanical properties of winning again.

but this is not the omega first such attempts, over the years the brand has been carried out a secret low temperature test project, hidden for decades. This is & other; Throughout Alaska plan &; (Alaska Project), serve as a top secret clocks manufacturing area 51.

Alaska plans secret space meter

it is well known that as early as in 1964, at the national aeronautics and space administration NASA’s young aeronautical engineer James h. lagen (James h. Ragan) were ordered as a series of wrist watch for a test plan, to prove that they are in space flight, and the final performance under extreme conditions, such as the moon.

in the end, only the omega super wrist watch eventually passed the root test all of the project, in March 1965 was officially designated as NASA official certification of manned space flight mission special wrist watch.

it is interesting to note that the tests, NASA has never been entrusted omega custom table space exploration, after they just bought by people called & other; The moon table & throughout; Ready-made goods & ndash; & ndash; With the public can buy models. & have spent

1969, Armstrong and aldrin aboard the Apollo 11 moon landing is worn by the omega super series wrist watch

most people have heard of the first on the moon to wear watches, heard of NASA to omega classic super series table set a series of rigorous testing, the moon, but very few people know omega had together NASA completed the top secret & other; Throughout Alaska plan &; . & have spent


& other; Throughout Alaska plan &; Not just a single project, but a series began in 1969, the number from 1 to 4 secret project. In the first stage during startup, and created the world’s first use polishing titanium alloy watchcase wrist watch. & have spent In 1970, according to a super professional space table prototype to upgrade a new table was born, with oversized red aluminum & other; Donuts & throughout; The protective cover. Low thermal conductivity of aluminium is used as a wrist watch under the condition of low temperature and high temperature protective barrier, and the use of red is designed to withstand the special wavelength of the radiation.

the arch design watches, can withstand – 148 ℃ to 260 ℃ ambient temperature; Operating temperature range of amazing more than 400 degrees Celsius; Adopt reflective radiation heat white dial with long white strap with Velcro fastening belt, will watch firmly fixed in the bloated spacesuit.

bring about super series & other; Throughout Alaska plan &; Professional lunar table (left) limited 1970

super series professional table (right) the moon’s suggested retail price: 35600 yuan

in 2008, carrying 1861 movement of super series omega & other; Throughout Alaska plan &; Professional table of the moon, set limit to 1970, to commemorate its design s. Just like the original model of wrist watch, watch of wrist of the limited edition also USES the red strap watchcase and extended white, has now become the favour of collectors competing desire.

at the time, NASA has a series of new task, which requires a precise timing including back at earth’s plan, the subsequent cooperation was later named & other; Throughout Alaska plan & 2; . For astronauts, an accurate and easy to identify and operation timing clock is indispensable, therefore the omega watches for NASA built another group of innovation, including for & other; Skylab & throughout; ETC flight missions, carry a tuning fork hour meter movement of the wrist watch. & have spent In & other; Throughout Alaska plan & 4; Carried out during the omega super series for the upgrade, after the shuttle certification again, watch of wrist of the original 56 deliver the NASA in late 1978. To upgrade to improve a mythical classic, this is not easy. But, it cannot be difficult doesn’t mean, omega research work has continued.

omega launched in 1998 with a quartz movement of titanium super series X – 33 wrist watch, today, this watch is still a frequent visitor to the international space station. Its design concept and technology is directly from & other; 1-4 Alaska plan & throughout; . Just launched, nicknamed & other; Mars table & throughout; Nickname, because Mars is NASA’s next goal. & have spent

bring about super series & other; Skywalker & throughout; X – 33 wrist suggested retail price: $39600

grade 2 titanium metal, omega carrying 5619 multi-function quartz clock movement

this means X – 33 wrist watch or the same kind of watch will face is the surface of Mars is as high as 110 ℃ temperature change and raging sandstorm.

after years of space travel, super series professional watch now is still the only certified by NASA’s spacewalk wrist watch. & have spent

bring about super series professional table of the moon’s suggested retail price: $35600

stainless steel watch case with current meter circle, omega carrying 1861 moon movement

as NASA test team director James & bull; H• Mr Lagon said: & other; I think all future manned missions require to individuals with timing clock. I also believe that when the first set foot on the ground, Mars astronauts must be wearing omega wrist watch. Throughout the &;