Omega documentaries Starmen 48 anniversary memorial human landing on the moon

see a childhood idol, whether in the heart there is a trace of joy and excitement? When George & bull; Clooney’s moon hero, buzz & bull; Aldrin walked on the moon, he was only a child at the age of eight. Omega in 48 anniversary of humans to the moon, filming a documentary “Starmen” to commemorate this historic moment. & have spent

George & bull; Clooney

after 48 years,

two from space and screen legend finally gathered,

talk to become a good friend, so

in the cinema to relive the past years.

George & bull; Clooney

on July 21, 1969, the United States and other Apollo 11 & throughout; The spacecraft carrying three astronauts successfully landing on the moon, buzz & bull; Buzz aldrin set foot on the moon to witness this historic moment. When he is worn by the omega super wrist, then super watches won & other; The moon table & throughout; The title. 48 anniversary today, in honor of humans to the moon and super wrist watch, the 60th anniversary of the birth of omega launch documentary Starmen, invited the two legends and we share their precious memory in 1969.

starring George & bull; Clooney space enthusiasts

& other; I’m eight years old that year, we looked up and looked through a telescope. I told my parents, you can see astronauts walk on the moon & ndash; & ndash; Of course it was impossible. Life at the time and space, space food we eat, drink Tang, super omega wrist watch is also a very important part of the space program. Throughout the &; & have spent

George & bull; Clooney remember yourself staring at the moon, hope to be able to see the astronauts. At that time, my father to accompany beside him, wearing a super wrist watch. During the special time to his obsession with space exploration, and play an important role in space exploration of super wrist watch in love ever since.

starring buzz & bull; Aldrin on the moon for the first time astronauts

& other; We don’t because of things easy to, not because of something difficult. Missions on a total of 24 astronauts, but only 12 people have successfully landed on the moon. This is an unprecedented feat. Throughout the &;

one of the successful landing on the moon for the first time astronauts buzz & bull; Aldrin witnessed a spectacular view on the moon. Accompany him on the moon super wrist watch also witnessed the human this great moment.

omega super wrist holds a unique position in the history of space exploration. In 1965, the outstanding performance of super watches by the national aeronautics and space administration (NASA) of rigorous testing, has been formally approved to be designated as the all its manned space flight mission wrist watch. From & other; Twin & throughout; Program to the international space station, super watches are always all of NASA’s manned space flight mission of designated equipment.


every child in the heart have a hero, but only a few people can realize the dream meet with hero.

48 anniversary in humans to the moon, omega launch documentary “Starmen” tells the story of George & bull; Clooney and his childhood hero buzz & bull; Aldrin met for the first time, on a fantasy trip, reviews the course of a proud glory days together. The documentary not only pay tribute to those who actually pay for exploring space and human landing on the moon’s heroes, also to was born in 1957 is still enduring legends of the supremacy of timing wrist watch with respect!