Omega brand new super Speedy series Tuesday limited edition watch

omega familiar friend, # SpeedyTuesday# often occur on weibo, what is the story behind this? & have spent

& other; Speedy Tuesday” Salute super fans

in 2012, the famous wrist watch blog Fratello Watches founder Robert – Jan Broer launched # SpeedyTuesday online topic, created to omega classic super series as the theme of the online community. Popular after this topic online, a growing number of fans per week (Tuesday) fans will share their favorite super series wrist watch pictures and interactive comments in the comments section. In order to pay tribute to the super fan of wrist watch, omega special super series & other; Speedy Tuesday” Limited edition watch, deduce the classic style restoring ancient ways. The limited edition watches will be super series wrist watch the most popular among them, the classic design elements of a masterpiece.

bring global set limit to issues 2012

inheritance super classic to relive time memory

new omega wrist watch design inspiration from 1978 for the national aeronautics and space administration (NASA) to build a super series & other; Throughout Alaska plan Ⅲ &; Professional table to the moon. NASA asked the wrist watch both can prevent glance and easier to read. Super series & other; Speedy Tuesday” Limited edition watch from the original table of these features, grind arenaceous matte stainless steel casing, with large Numbers mark concentric circles small dial, not only has the counter-attack light function, also is easy to read. & have spent

bring special leather wrist watch collection bags

bring to match NATO strap to replace NATO military band and exclusive tool

& other; Inversion of the panda & throughout; The dial design inspiration comes from the past classic watch. As early as 1966, omega is on the black dial joined the light silver dial, so distinctive black and white contrast with super series famous & other; The panda & throughout; The design of the dial is just the opposite. & other; The panda & throughout; Dial is in small white dial with black dial, because of the appearance is close to the panda face to the name. At the same time, the wrist watch also paired with dumb black aluminum speedometer is circle, on restoring ancient ways is also decorated with rare dial omega brand, scale and small concentric dial with luminous coating. & other; Speedy Tuesday” Review of the classic era memory in innovation. & have spent

bring & other; Inversion of the panda & throughout; Dial is designed, through a luminous coating

wrist watch back designs also do not provide craftsmanship. Screw-plug table back relief has omega super series trademark hippocampal insignia, is surrounded with & other; SPEEDY TUESDAY ANNIVERSARY – A TRIBUTE TO ALASKA PROJECT III” Words, as well as limited number (global set limit to issues 2012 only). Watchcase outer ring around an engraving & other; RADIAL” With the words. DetailPic

bring screw-plug table back with omega super series on the iconic hippocampal badge

other super series iconic elements include: carbon fiber mirror with omega brand logo in the middle of arch, clipping restoring ancient ways of brown leather strap, characteristic clasp and sutures. Of course, this meter when the internal also retained the omega famous super series table 1861 adopted by the manual chain movement on the moon. & have spent