Not on the calendar The calendar table is also very wonderful

calendar table, is I think the calendar table is worth to choose, because it features practical, especially in the advanced table, the regular calendar because every other month to manually adjust the calendar, it is not a nuisance, but after all, sometimes forget, is not easy to find, easy to remember. Lists can automatically identify in size, except in February, so only need to adjust once a year, is more convenient. Of the more important is that the calendar table is relatively complex, so must be higher than normal, but it is only less than a calendar recognition in February, the price is low very much, so now select the lists of people, also more and more.

the starting point of high-end calendar table & ndash; & ndash; Omega constellation series and the calendar on the wrist watch

models: & have spent Price: RMB 63000

about lists, let me think of the first, is the first two years of omega statue of the calendar on the wrist, actually this is also a continuation of the previous to omega to bully likes, then the triangle grooved bezel and gossip, let a person deeply poisoning, omega, is too interesting. Since then, the omega out this statue of the calendar on the table, to be honest, it’s not like a statue of the launch on the are amazing. In all written on the dial, plus an extra one pointer, indeed make table look will become complicated. But it still retains its honour bully that gentleman, elegant, and dynamic grey area is low, it is more important is that it USES the omega 8922 automatic chain machine, this is a have to reaches observatory certification coaxial machine core, carried a calendar system based on 8900, from a technical level, says this is a series of high-tech elements with omega representative, such as the use of the magnetic material let the wrist watch in the case of a trainspotter, able to withstand higher than 15000 gauss magnetic field interference, silicon material balance spring, coaxial escapement and so on. Relative to the high-tech, however, it looks ugly. This watch like watch friends or more, concise simple but elegant, has a blue attune with fashion, as the dress looks good.

watch details:

2017 the hottest year calendar table & ndash; & ndash; Rolex Sky – Dweller

models: 326934-0003 & have spent & have spent Price: RMB 109900

to say which is the most popular lists in 2017, affirmation is rolex Sky – Dweller blue dial, although blue, in the last two years by some overdraw consumption, for the blue some fatigue, but it is still the heart to everyone. Rolex Sky – Dweller is rolex now represents one of the most complicated watch money, even if it is just a calendar and locations, but it for internal use of patent system of gauze, it is reflected in the complex, with gauze and the linkage of the movement structure of system and table, implements the unconventional wrist watch, according to the calibration function and accurate calendar it is very creative. According to table set-up wrist watch, the industry does not see more. In addition, through dial around 12 month window display, brief and does not destroy rolex classic disk structure, so this watch is very popular, of course, especially in 2017 after the launch of the steel, the price dropped to 100000 yuan, although very difficult to buy.

watch details:

has refined taste very nice calendar & ndash; & ndash; The nations Portugal series calendar watch

models: IW503502 & have spent & have spent Price: RMB 154000

you know all the nations of the most popular two tables, is Portugal’s seven meter and Portugal, the two tables has been popular places for many years, the Portuguese series calendar watch, is developed on the basis of Portugal’s seven, motivation and it has 7 calendar function. Seven days chain is the typical representative in the nations senior produced machine core, buehler, chain system, the movement of ceramic parts make it beautiful sex and technical are good, the Portuguese series of classic appearance, symmetrical disk structure, it is very elegant. Calendar is at 12 o ‘clock position, through the three Windows, according to all the nations with a special box to box, also wrote & other; ANNUAL CALENDAR” As, the function between the. Chain and, of course, it is complex, 7 were complicated, in order to achieve the three Windows so compact configuration, machine core arranged three calendar wheel and stacked together, is a complex wrist watch. Only in terms of price, seven expensive than Portugal is not a bit.

watch details:

cost-effective choice & ndash; & ndash; Athens table series sailing calendar watch

models: 1133-210/E3 & have spent & have spent Price: EUR 12900

in fact every time when it comes to such a price list of your performance, always feel ridiculous, how can you talk about luxury goods price, but because of the contrast, so it has arguably performance-price ratio. Athens table at home how many people do not have heard of, because the store and the number is not much, so the chances of understanding also is less, but Athens table has been also is a good brand, technology research and development, product style is very clear, there are some very bright spot, just that is lack of domestic brand awareness and above. Athens table series calendar watch, sailing is brand is unique in the calendar, it can also be before and after the adjustment, at the same time, the month and date, and integration of small seconds dish together, does not destroy the original observatory table disk structure, proper.

watch details:

calendar table mentioned above, is luxurious, but compared to these lists, they can only say that tool table.

top lists are component of beauty & ndash; & ndash; Lundgren 1815 series 238.032