Nadal in addition to exclusive racket and wrist watch!

since 2010, Richard Mille (Richard & middot; Miller) and Rafael Nadal with first cooperation, to create excellence wrist watch and write a new chapter for the history of watchmaking, and the latest work of the series of RM27-03 tourbillon watch, but also a refreshing masterpiece. In impact resistance performance, and its the tourbillon movement will increase technical force to an unprecedented new level.

see titian TPT watchcase quartz fiber and resistant to 10000 G impact the charm of the tourbillon

design, show the watch with the Spanish tennis champion of the majestic demeanor. Obviously, the French open is the best time to release this new watch. Red clay is always Rafael Nadal’s love, he will be their own advantages developed to get incisively and vividly, nine times won the French open champion. Soft and fragile red clay, it is need to comply with the game under the premise of the basic principles of discipline, to fully demonstrate aggressive playing style.

new watch to replace the tourbillon watch RM27-02, become a new partner nadal

in the same way, this new watch, the material level of innovation and horology structure perfect harmony. The red clay is famous for its expanding effect. The same applies to the RM 27-03, adjusted TPT® it’s red and yellow Quartz watch case, a symbol of Rafa’s home country of Spain. Through Swiss proprietary technology, first will only 45 microns thick thin layer of silicon dioxide in colored resin, will thin filaments interlacing woven layer, after heating to 120 & deg; C, present the colour is gorgeous and dazzing. In TPT® New color quartz material research and development process, whether REACH the standard required by the color stability, or biological compatibility and durability, it exhibited the Richard Mille and North Thin Ply Technology (NTPT®) The engineers of superb artistry. Composite material preparation is complete, but also by the long time of milling and surface treatment, can obtain the watch case and various parts.

RM27-03 tourbillon watches by titian TPT quartz watch case, dazzing bright

watchcase quartz fiber material, can guarantee the depth of 50 meters waterproof performance, excellent strength/weight ratio, and no sensitization effect, good uv resistance. However, this special watch unique is that can withstand up to 10000 G impact the tourbillon movement. In the pendulum impact test, the simulation of the wearer’s sudden movement or caused by the impact of linear acceleration, it is such a long research and development and many test and performance to a new level. Install the ultralight tuo flywheel movement in hollow one-piece TPT® Carbon fiber floor, accurate to micron level, let the watch, almost indestructible, at the same time, simplify the structure of the parts, more portable. Rapid chain box spring provide lasting power, up to 70 hours during operation.

Richard  Mille  RM27-03 tourbillon watches

RM27-03 movement perfect surface treatment, manual polishing incremental chamfering, refined forging surface, shine with the brilliance of the micro grinding technology. RM27-03 amplifier with impressive performance: identification and style hollow bridge plate around box spring, sharp and smooth lines, with high quality gear and 3 hz frequency of vibration of mechanical tourbillon, draw the outline of visual image in front of the bulls. Bull is a symbol of Spain and Nadal the selected symbol. As a kind of funny, chain and manually, use TPT® Quartz torque limit crown shape for tennis. The watch and vigorous movement style, only limited 50 hairstyle, it will become the Rafa in the competition of new partners in the future.