My boyfriend’s wrist watch you also can wear

时尚圈,有一款经典单品叫“ My boyfriend’s shirt & throughout; Big man’s shirt, Eric after women, do not have lasting appeal. And on the watch with this matter, many women also preferred male money, not to choose slim, feminine women wrist watch, just like hale men’s watch. Men’s watch women wear, like women put on men’s shirts, occasionally has the beauty of a maverick and chic and easy. Take a look at suitable for women to wear men’s watch, diverse styles, sufficient to meet women like to wear men’s watch.

minimalism & ndash; & ndash; General neutral wind, don’t blame the woman like it

from the minimalism, with neutral design style design, very suitable for primary man wrist watch women. Neither is too hale and hearty, but also has the characteristics of men’s watch.

NOMOS Tetra neomatik watches

simple design NOMOS is less obvious gender divide, paragraphs to distinguish male or female, more than a general designation to neutral, the difference between the men and women merely difference in diameter. NOMOS this year launched a square watches for men’s & ndash; & ndash; Tetra neomatik, larger (33 mm x 33 mm), thinner, and an automatic movement, but after the listed women consumers, founder of the contracted wind, wear in the boy’s hands appear delicate, wear in the girl’s hand and abrupt.

Tetra neomatik watch was launched last year Tetra square lady wrist watch. 33 mm in length and further foil a new design of dial gauge movement during this classic fashionable style.

simple design to wear in the girl’s wrist, sexy, but not the sudden move of the so-called men’s watch.

there are a variety of different color dial.

classic series of railway and name watches

with a wrist watch as the prototype is originated in the 1960 s, longines replica classic series of railway wrist watch, show the railway watch plain style and personality aesthetics. In addition to some large diameter (40 mm), you can say it is a simple but elegant completely capable of female table. Beige dial with large black Arabic numerals on the time scale, 12 hours of time scale is replaced by 0, dial inner ring is equipped with 24 hours of time scale, black alligator skin strap also seem to be very elegant and delicate.

series of classic replica longines watch of wrist of railway

although a diameter of 40 mm, but also does not have the feeling of driving.

hale wind & ndash; & ndash; Don’t push how female table, hale style woman also hold

if you find the above male table still some implicit, might as well can choose more hale style.

rev ChengBi Bay watch of wrist of Black

rev ChengBi Bay watch of wrist of Black (Heritage Black Bay Dark) for diving watches, stainless steel steel with all matte Black. From appearance can feel the domineering style of men’s table. The line of concise and easy, round arch dial and mirror, inheriting the emperor rudder design essence of diving watches. And watch a few very bright place, chain crown on that grabs an eye, & other; on the dial Snow & throughout; Pointer angular and dial engraved red waterproof depth indicator, and rotate the red triangle mark in the outer ring, these details are tradition for many important design feature, deserve to go up in antique leather strap, such a handsome watch, what won’t let women move? null