Like jewelry like the rainbow sugar?

色彩缤纷的水果糖如爱情般甜蜜,充满香气,叫人迷恋。 Quiet blue topaz stone, lively and bright topaz, romantic elegant amethyst, bringing color energy, let a person remember the sincere friendship, the warmth of the family and the sweetness of love.

ENZO  Hard Candy fruit series

color treasure master ENZO from Brazil in fruit, for inspiration, with glittering and translucent get rid of the Hard Candy fruit series, the main stone with round or pillow fine cut, match with color of 18 k platinum, gold or rose gold, create a simple and easy and vibrant necklaces, rings and earrings, is brimming with youthful vitality of the young girl, there is no lack of again the intellectual atmosphere of urban white-collar.

FRED Belles – series

FRED Belles – series method to salute the charm of blue coast, south presenting with Beijing Ming yan color Belles – series, sending out charming shimmer in the sun. To a precious gem copy is placed in the sparkling sea, sea water, gently ripples.

BVLGARI bulgari’s new Divas’ Dream series

BVLGARI bulgari’s new Divas’ Dream series are endowed with dreamy artistic conception, and the fan of classic design more bold to deduce. Divas’ Dream series and women bring out the best in each other the shape of the contour, show the female charm at the summit of Italian acme.

ASTLEY CLARKE gem bracelet

price: $154.28 & have spent RMB 1029

GAS BIJOUX earrings

price: $204.09 & have spent RMB 1361