Laminate veneer

A laminate veneer is a treatment method of pasting a thin ceramic plate as thin as the thickness of the nail to the part where the surface of the tooth is scraped.

It is used when treating severe cases of pigmentation which is not effective in whitening, when it is drawing a small gap of anterior teeth, tooth decay which has darkened to the surface, lightly twisted tooth, tooth which is broken or broken Yes.
The amount by which the surface of the tooth is scraped is 0.5 mm, and the enamel remains.
There, fix the ceramic laminate veneer with a strong adhesive
There is no need to shave the back of teeth and between teeth.
Also, usually there is no pain, no need to anesthetize.
The time required for one treatment is about 2 hours, it ends 2 to 4 times.
It is said that if you do care properly, it will last ten years.

I am concerned about the discoloration of the tooth surface. There is a discoloration due to a thin decay on the surface.

Just by bleaching the tooth surface, it is impossible to obtain sufficient effect.

I am concerned about discoloration of plastic filler.

I am concerned about irregularities in tooth size and width.

I am concerned about the tooth gap.

I want to be a beautiful tooth, but for that reason I do not want to sharply scrape teeth.

There are variations in the color of teeth.