Jacques johndroe doll exhibition released automatically New world debut time bird asked three watches

(October 24, 2017, Beijing, China) Swiss luxury watch brands Jacques johndroe (Jaquet Droz) in Beijing on the first floor of SKP area A grand unveiling of automatic mechanical legend Jacques johndroe doll exhibitions and tropical world debut time bird asked three watches. As the only encouraged by the Chinese emperor qianlong imperial Chinese name of the Swiss luxury watch brand, Jacques, with its long and glorious history of nearly 300 years precipitation, with its breathtaking doll process automatically, for Chinese and foreign guests to show the various automatic doll university, Beijing. Mr Jacques johndroe global President Christian Lattmann, Mr Jacques DE luo Liu Xingwei, vice President and a brand invited guests, Chinese and foreign mainstream media and all the guests to visit the site, common witness this glorious moment. DetailPic

mechanical legend Jacques johndroe automatically shining doll exhibition in Beijing

the exhibition, Jacques DE jiushen doll series automatic watches all at Beijing, China, is also a brand for the first time will earlier in all parts of the globe three renowned works of automatic dolls at the same time in Beijing. I liked this, enough to let people clapping and praise. Beijing, is the starting point of Jacques DE luo in China & ndash; & ndash; First opened the gate of the Forbidden City in 1783, as the west’s well-known brands, Jacques johndroe represents the western clocks and watches of the world’s most advanced technology of production process in the qing dynasty palace, with its clocks and watches of created art and breathtaking automatic dolls, ring of bird strike the favour of the emperor himself. Today, the treasure within the Forbidden City “dozens of Jacques masterpiece johndroe clock and watch, the wind and rain across the history still witnessing the centuries between the China and Jacques johndroe.

Jacques johndroe global President Christian Jacques (right) and Mr Lattmann johndroe Liu Xingwei Sir (left), vice President for the exhibition opening ceremony

today in Beijing, has been the center of the global brand high-quality goods market. Jacques DE luo in the whole series of automatic doll exhibitions at the same time, is a new automatic doll wrist watch & ndash; & ndash; Tropical bird three time ask choose global launching ceremony held in Beijing, to keep pace with The Times brand new look up Jacques johndroe technology charm. As one of China’s commercial landmarks, Beijing SKP & other; Throughout China department first co &; Worthy reputation, is the high-quality goods department store industry & other Perfectly throughout the &; , its high-end elegant, luxurious and comfortable shopping environment experience widely admired for Chinese and foreign consumers. Jacques DE ROM in this undoubtedly allows automatic doll fans are able to better appreciate the brand of visual feast, and excellent automatic doll process from Beijing to the world, is presented to all the watches lovers. & have spent

Jacques johndroe tropical time bird world debut 3 q

the global starting Jacques johndroe tropical time bird asked three watches, is the brand for the first time in 2012 launched automatically present dolls again after wrist watch carry tripods masterpiece, to praise the beauty of the natural dynamic birds and other animals, to break the boundaries of imagination again. Wrist watch under engraver and miniature painter’s hand carve emanate charming beauty. Painted scene like a tender lush oasis, jump on the mother-of-pearl dial out, however, the red gold case ears on both sides and table ring decorated with brand master craftsman hand-carved animal motifs. Waterfall, is worthy of the name of the source of life, for tropical plants and animals thrive and quiet environment. In the garden of Eden, flowing waterfall, lifelike. Dial the central, the brand art master manual sculpture and inscribed a hummingbird asked a strelitzia reginae CongLiang orange. Hummingbird wings flap forty times per second, this is the first time in history TAB, give amazing BiZhenGan as active scene. Dial on the right side, and a bright blue peacock feather carefree open end screen, and at three o ‘clock position of toucans stealth between palm leaves fall, the leaves separated by time of cut out, and open your mouth. Three expecting a elegant dragonfly flying at 9 o ‘clock position, delicate wings covered with SuperLuminova® Coating, flashing light at night, make the watch no matter day or night, are moving charm. A total of seven hours exceed 12 seconds the activities of the device can play four different scenarios, against the suspension of the decoration floor, more vivid.

Jacques johndroe tropical amorous feelings of the time birds show three ask heaven tour

in addition to the sophisticated automatic doll, the watch with a fine watch complex function & ndash; & ndash; Ask three time, through the inside of the watch case hammers manipulation of the church bell sounds the vibration of the reed, which can be according to the need to ring hour, an hour and minute. Watch aficionados will be the new Jaquet Droz RMA89 movement admire unceasingly the innovation technology. This machine is equipped with floating adjustment mechanism, with the aid of external friction small reed asked three time, thus almost silent. The innovation of the complex function also includes a new rack, a quarter of an hour and minute pause time extension and herald reappeared at three degrees. Power storage for up to 60 hours, balance wheel vibration frequency is 3 hz. Pierre & bull; Jacques DE lo was born and grew up in the 18th century, comes as China & other; High & throughout; . When Jacques johndroe in Spain in 1758, the emergence and rapid rise, the army of the qianlong emperor is western expedition, pioneering territory. A because of persistent enthusiasm, a steady stream of ideas and reach the limit of technique stands the altar table; A hand holding the world jack of deterrence. Two beams of wise eyes, finally in the prosperous China, in the wonderful artical excelling nature of horological machine, meet encounter. Have a passion for collection of the qianlong emperor fondle admiringly, smuggled in clock for the detained, he once said: & other; Only do watch and western Kim singular furnishings and gold, silver satin, satin or new items, all can not be precious little cost! Throughout the &; When he retired in the emperor’s father, emperor qianlong’s favorite clock is still a gold-plated copper from Jacques johndroe write one clock, the special orders the clock moved to their endowment of the palace, in order to enjoy at any time. DetailPic

Jacques johndroe and stretches for hundreds of years of Chinese love

in addition to the Chinese emperor qianlong, Jacques johndroe automatic doll has also been countless former European royal nobility as a collection of treasure. In the eighteenth century, Jacques DE in many different shapes of automatic doll works popular royal family. By gear works present a wonderful picture, today still breathtaking. Eyes turned to The modern, Jacques DE luo in The exhibition on display at The Magician (The Magician), painter (The Draughtsman) and Writer (The Writer) three automatic doll. The magician produced in 2002, the Tibetan Yu Yake johndroe boutiques in Shanghai, nanjing west road and painters and writers from the domestic and foreign well-known watch connoisseurs and collectors, Chronos watch magazine editor of Mr. Xiang ding possession, are the masterpiece of the 1990 s. Among them, the magician wearing showily velvet suit coat and spool inside take gold edge, with magic tricks magically showed the birds & other; Move form transposition & throughout; ; Dressed in red velvet coat, painter can draw a horse foals materials; Writer in navy velvet coat, is on the desk carefully wrote: I LOVE YOU.

from left to right: Jacques johndroe magician automatic dolls, automatic painter, writer doll

into the 21st century, Jacques DE continuation of traditional, the former will be automatically miniature dolls on the wrist, launched a series of automatic doll wrist watch. Whether before time Bird 3 q (The Bird Repeater), fascinating time of Bird (The Charming Bird) and grace 8 – Flower rhyme 8 Flower (Lady), or in BASELWORLD 2017 published on The Butterfly of love (Loving Butterfly Automaton), perfect inherited The doll which is wishers automatically visual shock, watch of wrist of positioning is to let The wearer can appreciate The inheritance between gestures centuries of mechanical masterpiece. & have spent & have spent

exhibition displayed at Jacques DE jiushen doll series automatic watches

in order to pay tribute to the brand and the Chinese love one hundred, Jacques johndroe proceed at the scene of the event to the Chinese and foreign guests to show the brand is the lasting appeal of Chinese traditional art skills & ndash; & ndash; Enamel painted. Jacques johndroe invited brand micro painting masters to the guest dial disk interpretation of the drawing process on site, let a person close to realize micro painting “aesthetics contains the dial. Strong writing the outline of the micro painting aesthetics, whether it is while, roars monkey jump, or the chicken crow, horse pentium, all will be the most elegant Oriental classical culture show incisively and vividly. & have spent & have spent

micro painting exhibition at the scene of deductive

the exhibition time for October 24, 2017 to 29, through this exhibition, Jacques DE lo is committed to the brand new outstanding technology is presented to consumers, unswervingly to continue to explore in the field of automatic dolls, to the endless charm of carry forward machinery. Under close gear, it was created by Jacques DE lo the beauty of the light of the wisdom of one hundred years, historical precipitation & ndash; & ndash; Some watches tell time, Some one tells a story about Jacques johndroe horological company founder Pierre? Jacques, founded in 1738 in la Xia Defang first table factory, Jacques johndroe much with enthusiasm, a steady stream of ideas and reach the limit of technique stands the altar table, typical of the wrist watch dial digits & other; 8 & throughout; null