Intelligent & wicked cool feeling fashionable casio EDIFICE YiDiFei power demonstration

a very cool for both appearance and powerful function, high-tech smart watches more and more get attention. Always dare to casio EDIFICE portable wrists bound new masterpiece EQB this season – 800 series, to lead the trend of independent men provide strong intelligence support. The use of the, in the most intuitive sense, all-round interpretation on the Basel and horological exhibit conquer film countless intelligent wrist watch. & have spent

modern type, a key intellectual connection. from the moment, this article will be EQB – 800 series captured by strong metal texture. Case and strap adopt stainless steel, highlighting the wrist strength, the massive time scale and pointer foil watchcase halfback modelling. EQB – 800 db – 1 a bezel with dark blue IP ion coating, deep and charismatic. A cool silver EQB – 800 – d – 1 a, quiet and elegant.

as EDIFICE, a new generation of blue tooth watch EQB – 800 series in case 8 o ‘clock position is equipped with a dedicated bluetooth connection button, it can connect the smartphone, slightly press the APP and synchronization.

high speed dual motors, preciseness stopwatch. has a high precision timer stopwatch mode, is the most important evolutionary EQB – 800 series. Is very similar with circle concept car, wrist watch is equipped with a driven by double coil motors in retrograde pointer, at the same time in the display speed can show a stopwatch to 1/20 of a second time value. 12 points in the direction of small calendar mode dial shows the local weeks time, but in a stopwatch mode becomes the timer. Small dial 7 point is timing starting position, timing end users can be compared with 12 points in the direction of target time, can also transmit the data to the application via bluetooth CASIO WATCH + in the center, the APP will automatically select the fastest speed. To meet the requirements of all kinds of timing, EQB – 800 stopwatch mode has two kinds of working mode, a record a single each lap time; Second, each lap time can be disassembled components section, record every specific time.

double time system, 300 urban free switch. EQB – 800 series on another big advantage is reflected in two sets of time display system, can display both time at the same time. The first group and generally watch, 12 hours local time, three stitches show. The second time is used in the direction of the dial 6 small dial and finish in the top right corner of the mini dial, it USES the 24-hour, point & other; A” On behalf of the time in the morning, toward the & other; P” On behalf of the time in the afternoon.

new series machine core built-in five drive the motor of the pointer, appearance mimics the throttle tachometer, immediacy of the racing car, speed is blended in among them, the fast and smooth response can operate independently pointer. And application of bluetooth technology, users in the CASIO WATCH + middle time to WATCH, the pointer will speed synchronization. EQB – 800 built in 300 cities, is enough to meet the demand of all kinds of travel.

after several years of innovation and evolution, casio EDIFICE of a new generation of bluetooth watch EQB – 800 reform and innovation, with precise timing & amp; Double system when the two core performance, as well as the car full of mechanical impact brought new appearance, for & other; Speed & amp; Intelligence” Another classic.

EQB – 800 db – 1 a & have spent 3290 yuan, EQB a $2990-800 – d – 1