In chop hand every day, how to forget a pair of eye-catching big earrings!

& other pop up in recent years; Grandiose & throughout; Agitation is still not shed, earrings accessories help again. In recent hipster street snap, except the finery of carpet of hyperbole earrings is also one of the important point.

you’d never think dreary autumn/winter coats, neutral suits, the fashionable avant-courier sweater with the component of the earrings, big enough to have a natural and unrestrained Feel street fashion.

earrings in addition to light up the whole modelling, a presumptuous guest usurps the host’s role, on the face is small, the effect is absolutely first-class a thin face. As for how to choose earrings, then you have to tell the stylish fine advice.



Rebecca de Ravenel



Ana Khouri

Tuza Jewelry

Ranjana Khan  null