It is a cure that regenerates new tooth firmly rooted by planting artificial teeth roots just like their own teeth in the place where teeth come out. For that reason, you do not have to remove it like a denture every night, it is natural as it looks, and you can eat deliciously as if you were feeling like your own tooth.

Since the implant has the structure closest to its own tooth without using the surrounding teeth, it is also an excellent treatment for appearance.

Implant treatment incorporating aesthetic dentistry can regain the aesthetic qualities that can not be distinguished from your teeth unless bone resorption is large.

There is no sense of incompatibility or foreign body which is likely to occur in dentures, and a feeling close to natural teeth is obtained. It does not damage the taste of food and does not affect pronunciation. It is a natural finish that looks like natural teeth.

Because it can chew properly, the bones do not weaken, it does not put an extra burden on the surrounding teeth. Also like partial dentures and bridges, we do not scrape natural tooth or clasp (spring) for wearing.

Surgery is necessary to implant the implant in the bone of the jaw. There is some pain compared to dentures and others, and it will take several months until treatment is finished. However, if you think carefully, I feel uneasy that the treatment that supports tooth health for decades ends in a few days.
It is also important to take time to carefully in order to send everyday with peace of mind.

Implant treatment is not covered by health insurance.
Implant therapy will examine your mouth every corner and will undergo surgical operation so it will be an out-of-insurance treatment.