Hybrid inlay

Hybrid inlay is a new material which has characteristics of both plastic and ceramics by adding ceramics to conventional resin (a kind of plastic) as a simple explanation.

Hybrid inlays use this material. Because it does not use metal, it is gentle to the body and there is no worry of metal allergy.
It has good light permeability and gives a lively natural feeling like natural teeth

It is a color that is easy to match with your teeth, so it is natural and inconspicuous.

Because it is the same hardness as a tooth, it is natural biting but it is hard to break.

There is no worry about metal allergy.

It is cheaper than ordinary ceramic.

Since the material is ultra high-quality resin, it is not 100% ceramic, so its durability is a little inferior to ceramics.

Difference between Hybrid and Ceramics
Both color tones are white natural teeth, but the change in color over time is slightly discolored by hybrids compared to ceramics.
Hybrid is also softer compared to ceramics hardness. For the price, the hybrid is a
little cheaper.