How will a bugatti into a table? The 67 – year – old tabulation builders did

in this & other; Cross-border throughout the game &; Era of carnival, two brands in their respective product on the other side of the LOGO has spawned a large number of & other; Crossover & throughout; Limited edition item & ndash; & ndash; Instead, with sincerity and real originality depth cooperation, take out five or even 10 years to research and development of new brand is rare. Recently, the Swiss watchmakers brand parma Johnny (Parmigiani Fleurier) Moore Sam supercar Bugatti brand in France (Bugatti) headquarters issued a Bugatti Type 390 wrist watch, take five years, will the Bugatti Chiron design concept into the 390 components.

watchmaker parma Johnny (left) and team spent five years, will the Bugatti Chiron supercar design concept into the 390 components, become the Bugatti Type 390 watches.

parma Johnny’s brand, the 67 – year – old founder master michelle & middot; Parma Johnny (Michael Parmigiani) also appeared on the scene, he accepted the surging news “interview, tells the story of their repair artisans from antique clock to brand founder, now play the bugatti supercar wrist master of tabulation journey.

buck the trend, at the lowest point of Swiss watchmakers

in 1950, parma Johnny was born in Switzerland and sand from the age of 16, he successively to the flurry of Swiss watchmakers town, pull Xia Defang, lok technology school tabulation, altogether eight years time, he was determined to become an excellent qualified watchmaker (s).

Palmer Johnny

1974 graduated from the school of tabulation, it is one of the most violent of quartz watch impact mechanical s.

but luck, when he graduated in 1974, is one of the most violent of quartz watch impact mechanical s, a few years, traditional watchmaking lost nearly 90000 jobs, a lot of traditional tabulation brand in & other; Quartz crisis throughout the &; The tide of Yin didn’t. Palmer Johnny isn’t going to give up, however, his love of mechanical clocks and watches, difficult, even if the industry can’t see the connection, he has not turned. He told myself: some stubbornly existing in mechanical clock always need to repair and maintenance, and those who work enough to support him to see the future of watchmaking. & other; After repair works so many antique clocks and watches, I have never thought of traditional Swiss watchmaking will disappear. Throughout the &; He said later.

in 1976, parma Johnny out belongs to own the first repair workshop, grasp clock repair and maintenance business. After five years of hard practice, he also began a minor celebrity in the repair area. His career at parma Johnny came one of the most important. Until the 1980 s, the Swiss mountain santos family collection by the force, curator of the museum of Locke’s tabulation, master of tabulation hubei forint & middot; If a class is responsible for the repair maintenance, he himself is also a clock collectors. When he is old, want to find a successor for the repair cause, michelle & middot; Parma is Johnny in his sight. If santos family class he introduced to mountain, suggested by him to replace his work after retirement, then opens the parma Johnny this family for nearly 40 years of cooperation so far.

to repair clocks and watches, craft and art be short of one cannot

the Chinese have a saying & ndash; & ndash; & other; Repair the old as sweet & throughout; , which means fixed antique if it looks like, Switzerland’s builders are requests itself. & other; Before starting maintenance, need to collect a large number of data, understanding the historical background of these works, studies its material materials and mechanical action mechanism. Throughout the &; Palmer said Johnny, repair the old as sweet is, repair antique and dynamic coupling mechanical clocks and watches, is also in accordance with the it started producing method and technology of the traditional go. & other; Workman’s craft and the heart of the artist as important for repairing clocks and watches it. Throughout the &;

when the hammer perked up, pull the trigger, the gun suddenly appeared on a bird, the bird body rotation, mouth, head twitched, had wings, at the same time sings chirp; To sing, and suddenly disappeared.

consult someone once palmer Johnny, which is the most unforgettable repair works, he said there is repair about 500 pieces of antique, in recent years to repair of a double GuanMing bird pistol device to impress him. & other; Each piece of antique has its memorable place, when one cannot work even rotting & lsquo; Scrap & rsquo; Repair the same inner excitement and meet an understatement. Throughout the &; In 2016, after a full 12 months time, palmer Johnny to an almost as & other; Scrap & throughout; Double GuanMing bird pistol to repair.

at the surface of the decorative art carving and the enamel craft, and the mechanical bird device involved in motor action process, repair a complicated works many difficult than most people expected.

this warbler device has 200 years of history, in 1815 by Rochat brothers before and after the design and manufacture according to the cavalry pistol. Before this, it is improper repair for many times, rough technique and error changes, destroyed the high-quality goods as originally, brought challenges to repair. In fleur and repair workshop, palmer Johnny and his restorer, again from scratch, gear, enamel, bird feathers & hellip; & hellip; A a refurbished every part, a little bit of organ recovery activities.

respect history, would think of opportunely reproduction wrist

after so many years in mountain santos family repair antique, palmer Johnny deep origin relationship with the family. Then in 1996, the mountain to santos family foundation, support he founded the same name brand, making modern watch. Twenty years with parma Johnny brand, the establishment of a complete & other Palmer Johnny tabulation network & throughout; , able to complete all the tabulation process from escapement to dial, and provide parts for advanced tabulation brands more than Swiss customization.

now, the brand has dozens of homemade machine, many design from antique machinery. Palmer Johnny had to repair a peculiar oval pocket watch. It’s in the process of walking two Pointers can regularly scale. Minimum diameter, is three to nine dial pointer here will be reduced to the shortest; Go to the six or twelve o ‘clock, dial diameter is the largest, longest pointer and can be extended.

with a telescopic mechanism of antique pocket watch, and in order for the inspiration to create Ovale Pantographe wrist watch.

interesting telescopic mechanism aroused his curiosity, blueprint to design made Ovale Pantographe wrist watch. Palmer said Johnny, telescopic principle reference antique pocket watch, but the need to solve practical problems, such as wrist oscillation, the influence on scalability can outweigh the pocket watch pointer scale also increased the clockwork energy loss, wrist movement to new design. After overcoming the difficulties, which represent the wrist watch in the world have also become one of the parma Johnny’s iconic series.

13 years, supercar and tabulation of highly integrated