How to maintain your band? Material of different protection methods are also different


1. Leather strap

leather strap

leather is a kind of delicate, sensitive biological materials, daily wear use will generate wear and tear, it is consumables, normal life for 6 to 12 months, was hanging all don’t need to die. If you want to prolong service life, you must be scientific use and maintenance.

to avoid leather strap with water, oil, solvent and contact cleanser or make-up, prevent leather material change color or premature aging.

avoid exposure to the damp environment, so as not to cause strap twisted, change color.

avoid in direct sunlight for a long time, it can cause bad effects to strap color and quality.

summer don’t wear a belt table as far as possible, sweat will accelerate aging of strap.

if you find that strap has turned black and stink, craze, the best solution is to change a new one.

2. The metal bracelet

metal strap

recommendations for daily wear watches every six months on a clean, specific methods: first, using a soft brush with thin thin soap water scrubbing of the chain, then rinse off with clear water, and then with a soft dry cloth to dry it.

if you wear a watch swum in the sea, want to use warm water wash strap, lest by seawater corrosion.

adjustments according to the wrist watch, can reduce wear metal bracelet.

the wrist watch with a soft dry cloth to wipe dry, don’t watch on the heater to dry, also don’t use hair dryer to dry.

gold watch-chain prone to scratches and dents, and thus affect the appearance. Suggest not to watch and jewelry collection and wear together, like king kong bodhi hand string.

3. Rubber strap

rubber strap

should avoid contact with nail polish and exposed to the sun for a long time.

water, add the elixir of swimming pool water is corrosive, if use clean water to rinse after swimming wrist watch, also can damage the rubber material.

routine maintenance can clean with soap and water, with a soft hair brush to wash, and then with water, and dry with soft cloth.