Hippocampal series Marine omega new universe “deep black” wrist watch

& other; The city lights, there’s nothing in the world a better interpretation of human everywhere. Throughout the &;

the national oceanic and atmospheric administration (noaa) scientist Chris & middot; Al has said when talking about the black marble. This image depicts the earth at night lights with picture, later omega selected this picture, as a new hippocampal series Marine & other universe; Deep sea of black & throughout; Wrist watch released figure.

bring omega hippocampal series Marine & other universe; Deep sea of black & throughout; Wrist watch

most people appreciate this image, will be human communities by bright light spot group, but it is also amazing, there are still vast areas on earth is complete darkness, especially Marine areas, this is a dark world. Omega making one of the goals of the outstanding professional diving watches, is this piece of the world of darkness to light, the explorer, particularly important.

the beam of light in the deep sea

divers in the sea, the security is likely to rely on some seemingly simple functions, such as the clear identification of the reading on the wrist. Diving time calculation error may lead to deadly consequences, so, the light in the dark will often play a big role.

as early as 2005, omega is launched the first generation of hippocampal series Marine watch of wrist of the universe. Six years later, the second generation of wrist was born. In numerous innovations, a subtle but important change, is to increase the luminous display function. Nowadays, omega new rendering of the hippocampus series Marine & other universe; Deep sea of black & throughout; Wrist watch, but also to the this a series of innovated a new evolution. Pointer and scale has Super – LumiNova luminous coating, will send out a blue and green in dark environment, become a light in the deep sea divers, even in 600 meters of the bottom of the sea, also fear the dark, go forward.

bring omega hippocampal series Marine & other universe; Deep sea of black & throughout; Watches can withstand the seabed 600 meters of pressure

in addition to accurate identification wrist watch on the scale under the sea, to explore the underwater world is also required to have a precise time. Hippocampal series Marine & other universe; Deep sea of black & throughout; Wrist watch is the first GMT professional diving watches, omega GMT loop configuration with a simple calibration on the dial, and a pointer is used to indicate the time zone, so no matter in any corner of the world, even into the endless sea, still may at any time, accurately grasp the time.

bring the pointer and scale hours composed of 18 k white gold

the reliable accompany you do stealth & other; Partners throughout the &; With omega 8906 coaxial to reaches observatory movement, can resist 15000 gauss magnetic field, and passed by the Swiss federal metrology institute (METAS) set up eight strict tests, including precision under different temperature and condition, the magnetic, dynamic storage and waterproof performance, etc., made to wear the watch divers underwater performance more safety guarantee.

if lock technology bring about new ceramics, sapphirine transparent table back

what is more surprising is that omega patented ceramic if new lock technology, can ensure that the directional screw-plug table back engraved words can always stay the same position.

bring rubber strap with ceramic titanium metal folding clasp, and treated with antibacterial

activities under the sea to watch wearing comfort is also put forward higher requirements. Comfortable rubber band was adopted, the lateral band of rubber fabric processing, the inside of the strap rubber after antibiotic treatment, and adopted the combination of ceramic and titanium metal folding clasp, fully considering the convenience and comfort of activity in the deep sea.

the bright city of

of course, shining wrist charming appearance has been also being much-loved important reasons. & other; Deep sea of black & throughout; Wrist watch case made from a whole piece of black ceramic building, took their cue from super series & other; The dark of the moon surface & throughout; Design elements, the perfect interpretation of the earth on the surface of the dark depths of the sea is dark. In addition, dial, crown, helium gas valves and unidirectional rotating bezel is made from black ceramic. Blue and red watch through grinding processing, have the matte effect, not only have better underwater identification, also has brought the brand-new visual experience.


& other; Deep sea of black & throughout; The color of the four watches design also has a special meaning. When dive to 5 meters, the wavelength of the light will be absorbed by differentiation, red is the color of the first to disappear; Descend to 275 m, the blue would disappear; To go deep into the 300 meters, is the endless darkness, as the moral of all black watch; And 18 k Sedna® Watch money is keen to enjoy the time on the deck of the people to build.

ceramic bezel on the diving use omega original Liquidmetal&reg scale; Or OMEGA  Ceragold® Technology, make a beautiful and moving, mixed material feels smooth. Scale of wrist watch with black ceramic one integrated mass, is perfect, the wrist watch born masculine temperament is more soft, golden luster more add elegance.

omega hippocampal series Marine & other universe; Deep sea of black & throughout; Wrist watch is a blend of many technology and craft, such as ceramic, Liquidmetal® And OMEGA Ceragold® On the table, red and blue circle rubber injection process, the collocation of rubber or waterproof leather strap, both by antibacterial coating processing. In addition, the wrist with a sophisticated “movement observatory, 15000 gauss antimagnetic, 600 meters waterproof, transparent table design, and scratch-resistant the counter-attack light sapphire watch glass. & other; Deep sea of black & throughout; Not only let you have a watch, but in the heart of 45.5 mm spawned a pioneer technology and cutting-edge scientific material extraordinary masterpiece.


no matter you are passionate about which model & other; Deep sea of black & throughout; , its precision and practicability, and explore the excellent performance of sea world, there is no doubt is to achieve wonderful life ideal choice. Moral human exploration of the unknown will not stop, earth’s dark side beauty of deep Marine & other universe; Deep sea of black & throughout; Wrist watch, with you across the land, to explore the deep sea, enjoy life, fearless challenge!