Give you buy a chic hair balls head change change it’s as simple as that

guide language: a lot of girls like to plunge into balls, looks is nifty and lovely, but the same small balls to see some more drab, is really can change a simple hair accessories, minimalism and lovely route, can be quickly reached.

to buy balls head a chic hair

atmosphere goddess fei: beautiful crystal hair looks very beautiful, wear on the head the goddess van is dye-in-the-wood.

reference price: $34 or renminbi 226 yuan to buy address:

a style of art: only need a little ornament is enough, without that kind of dress is very suitable for.

reference price: $28 RMB 186 to buy address:

contracted style: simple line with monochromatic metal, handsome halfback, look a little cold.

reference price: $45 RMB 300 to buy address:

lovely route: to burn girls heart, look like small crowns.

reference price: $9.95 RMB 66 to buy address: