From the height of the princess to teenage cc She is the girl hu bing qing “bluegrass”

she people as the name implies, sweet, clear and pure. From the height of the princess to qi grass bouquet, and then to the dining room in the middle of the night’s Derby, clear and free from vulgarity, inside collect is tenacious, the potential to be reckoned with! She is & other; Bluegrass type & throughout; The girl hu bing qing. The burn to fair was invited hu bing qing to 2017 phoenix fashion of choice for the scene! DetailPic

hu bing qing

hu bing qing, born on January 25, 1992, in hefei, anhui province, China mainland actress, graduated from Shanghai institute of visual art performance. In 012, starring for promoting national new women as the theme of the micro film “beauty” and into show business. In 2014, starring costume martial arts drama “warlords moon” in the princess monthly.

” warlords moon “

in 2015, according to the novel glaringly apparent creek, a youth idol inspirational drama” whirlwind girl lands hunan TV & other; The youth to & throughout; The theatre; Hu bing qing plays the heroine qi grass bouquet. DetailPic

” whirlwind girl “

in 2017, according to Japanese cartoonist Abe yelang comic book with the same modern drama” dining room in the middle of the night “, and hu bing qing plays a strong and brave girl cc, blues and deduce a sm, life and death, impressive!

” dining room in the middle of the night “

private hu bing qing is a love life, small and pure and fresh girl. Often on weibo Po all kinds of lovely pictures, even plain yan didn’t care, let a person plaint, young is really good!

hu bing qing

ordinary street snap is also very fashionable!

hu bing qing

to attend the event, hu bing qing dress sense is quite high, also very beautiful ~

hu bing qing

let’s hope hu bing qing in 2017 phoenix fashion of choice for excellent performance!