Follow the fashion bloggers ins leave they have to act the role of all win

& other; Everyone lived in the heart of a fashion bloggers & throughout; . Why do you say that, because everyone has a fashion icon in my heart. In an unguarded moment, they didn’t think it’s raining, they walk in the fashion tips, a suit is tie-in, can lead a followed by a friend.

yes, jia elder sister must be stressed that the first fashion bloggers are red, there are part of the reason is that somebody else & other Article YanZheng shun & throughout; , but did not deny, the somebody else is beautiful in every detail.

so, fine sister decided to patient analysis and conscience recommend today, help you become beautiful beautiful you are!

@ chiaraferragni

although jia sister started to recommend her a purely personal preference, but Chiara Ferragni definitely good enough. The milan fashion bloggers, not only in his own time flooded with collagen read law at Bocconi university, also started his personal blog every day more than 90000 page views.

although she has blonde hair + gray-green eyes charming standard, but elder sister’s favorite or she can hold points minutes the acuity of all kinds of watches. For example: with a

all makeup and fleece is telling all beautiful girl: beauty is not the raw, no & other; Casual & throughout; Is & other; Not keen & throughout; . And dress so devotedly Chiara Ferragni lets watch robbed the mirror, visible love it!

so popular now & other; Drying of pet as cool taste & throughout; ? When the dog is relentlessly, bracelet watches a lot of, a woman will be strict with oneself, jia I admire!

in cannes, Chiara Ferragni a white absolutely beautiful! Blast! ! Dressed up and looked carefully, she is such a & darr;

bracelets, watches, rings, Chiara Ferragni a not fall, also mix personal style! If which day I saw her on the ins’t the jewelry and watches, even fine sister will not used to!

@ kristina_bazan

the photo on the girl’s name is Kristina Bazan, don’t come to see her attractive sweet smile, can you imagine, she is a proficient in English, French, German, Russian language, and style make people clap for beautiful girl.

if Kristina Bazan deserve to act the role of a simple generalization of some, it is definitely a golden golden golden! Also a career-best and Kristina Bazan, whether to wear a few pieces of accessories, the absolute golden play acme!

at first glance Kristina Bazan photos of this new Po soon, seem very casual, nothing special. But you shall remember first the gold bracelet on her wrist.

Boom! Remember the gold bracelet on one piece? This one, bracelets, rings, earrings, all is gold!

even street snap, a full set of gold is a jewellery & hellip; & hellip; If you can give Kristina Bazan stick a label, jia elder sister must call her & other; Gold jewelry, small public election & throughout; , not to discuss!

@ songofstyle

to say fashion bloggers, Aimee Song stay out of, in fine sister, she is & will take and take other Players level & throughout; The young girl.

say much you don’t think I nagging, that Carrie sister directly above ok, let you see somebody else’s local according to in those small blingbling jewelry!

delta you see, necklace fold, popular all the year round.

delta tube he household or suits, changed the dress, the same is good wearing accessories become beautiful and beautiful heart!

delta slightly exaggerated modelling ring also can the person see people love flowers bloom!

well, said the multi-port also dry, in order to appease your hot heart, fine sister I decided to give the conscience recommendations, lest you mouth water to the heel & hellip; & hellip; null