Explanation of omega super circle of friends

if there is a circle of friends, super friends list who will be in it? Is the moon astronauts Neil & bull; Armstrong, mature and charismatic George & bull; Clooney, or handsome young & other; Small freckles & throughout; Eddie & bull; Redmayne? & have spent & have spent

in super circle of friends, from actors to cook, from artists to the athletes, even though they have a distinct identity and life, but they have one thing in common: they are all super table fan. & have spent & have spent

this is a super series omega wrist watch 60 anniversary of the birth. 60 years, the astronauts, explorer and race car driver is always available to super series omega wrist watch, the legend has been widely circulated. & have spent Today, omega super fans around the world are growing, spread and share more stories about super wrist watch. For them, super wrist watch is not only often worn on the wrist when meter, but also accompany them experience the love of life.

d secret supermodel & have spent

of the world’s top supermodel Alessandra

Ambrosio  Alessandra is the world’s top supermodel. In addition to as & other; Victoria’s secret & throughout; Angel, she also speak many fashion. She go for omega super series & other; The dark of the moon surface & throughout; Wrist watch. & have spent

super series & other; The dark of the moon surface & throughout; Wrist watch suggested retail price: RMB 186300

this section ofa & other The dark of the moon surface & throughout; Wrist watch with black ceramic watch case collocation set auger ceramic bezel all show different. Dial is also use black ceramic building, 3 and 9 o ‘clock position within the small dial ring by the black, 18 k gold hour scale that bright diamonds. & have spent This charming internal carry omega wrist watch 9300 coaxial machine core, with black leather strap, 18 k gold diamond polishing a pointer, the central red tip second hand through polishing rhodium plating processing, shine infinite light. & have spent

film and television actor

American film and television actor Eric Christian Olsen 

Eric Christian Olsen is a film and television actor, recently because of the TV drama “the navy NCIS: Los Angeles” (NCIS: Los Angeles) as detective Marty Deeks corner of the best known. He is bright moon omega super series of grey & other; Meteorites & throughout; A fan of wrist watch.

super series of bright moon grey & other; Meteorites & throughout; Wrist watch suggested retail price: RMB 115300

this wrist watch & other; Meteorites dial & throughout; Drawn from Gibeon meteorite fell to namibia region in prehistoric times the slice. Shaped like a ribbon of grain visible rigidity decorative pattern, each watches are the only one like you. & have spent Omega will for the first time the most innovative Ceragold® Technology used in speed loop. This brand new super series wrist watch 18 k Sedna® Gold ring decorative silicon nitride table hoop. Wrist watch hour scale and pointer for the 18 k Sedna® Gold creation and become, send out soft and ruddy luster.

students Oscar prize winner

Chinese film director and writer Liu Yulin

Liu Yulin for short” keeper “won the academy award for students, and selected the exhibition more than 50 film festival. Her wrist wear, omega is super series & other; First flight into space omega wrist watch & throughout; .

super series & other; First flight into space omega wrist watch & throughout; Suggested retail price: RMB 121200

in 1962, American astronauts walter & bull; ShiYi wear omega wrist watch into space. Now, super series & other; First flight into space omega wrist watch & throughout; Reproduction is the classic form of pioneer wrist watch. & have spent This new upgrade 18 k Sedna® King super series wrist watch equipped with milky white silver dial, with unique brown polishing ceramic bezel and matte chromium nitride speed measuring scale. PVD coating small dial and minute circle also adopts showily brown. With classic brown leather strap to watch appearance modelling more attain perfect.

table back relief has original badge, hippocampus style is unique, and special engraving & other; THE FIRST OMEGA IN SPACE” (& other First flight into space throughout the omega wrist watch &;) , & other OCTOBER 3, 1962 & throughout; (October 3, 1962) and & other; NUMBERED EDITION No. & throughout; (no.). & have spent

vibrant artist

Chinese artists Zhang Ding

Zhang Ding is a vibrant artist, by including video, installation art, painting, and live performance of individual projects show extremely rich sensory impact of the work. And his favorite watches, omega is super series & other; The dark of the moon surface & throughout; Watch of wrist of jet.

super series & other; The dark of the moon surface & throughout; Wrist watch jet model suggested retail price: RMB 95800

& other; Apollo 8 & throughout; The astronaut’s adventures as well as the brilliant achievements inspired pure black ceramic super series & other; The dark of the moon surface & throughout; The creative inspiration of wrist watch, and a kaleidoscope, mysterious earth at night is inspired by super cycle & other; The dark of the moon surface & throughout; Wrist watch series & other; Black & throughout; The birth of watches. & have spent The classic style table pointer and scale are processed by the black and covered in black Super – LumiNova luminous coating, this is & other; Black & throughout; The origin of the name. Wrist watch at 3 o ‘clock and 9 o ‘clock position is equipped with two small matte black dial, black ceramic bezel with black paint on speed dial. Its internal omega carrying 9300 coaxial movement. & have spent

michelin-starred chef

famous Italian chef Carlo Cracco

Carlo Cracco is a famous Italian chef, television presenter and michelin-starred restaurant boss. He wore when cooking super wrist to check the time. When his most trusted classical meter table is the moon omega super series to reaches the observatory. DetailPic

super series phases of the moon to reaches observatory table suggested retail price: $76800 this table by sun rays polished black dial, rhodium collocation hours calibration and pointer. Stainless steel watchcase equipped with Liquidmetal® Speed dial the black ceramic table, stainless steel bracelet with after grinding and polishing processing of folding clasp. Wrist watch internal carry through Swiss federal metrology institute (METAS) official certification of omega coaxial to reaches 9904 observatory movement, can withstand up to 15000 gauss magnetic field. & have spent

dial 6 point location is equipped with precise phase of the moon, according to the microstructure crystal metal disks, and presents the high resolution images of the moon, lifelike. Fine moon phase plate, can also be found even iconic footprints astronauts on the moon’s surface. The pointer and scale hours covered with Super – LumiNova luminous coating, can be easily read in dark environment. & have spent & have spent & have spent In addition to the five super fans, many different industry elite and the artists are super fan of wrist watch, such as: Germany electronic music DJS and producers Robin Schulz, Moscow multimedia art museum curator Olga Sviblova, Denmark swimmer Pernille Blume, etc. & have spent Everyone has a their own supremacy. & have spent null