Excellent building dental office

At our hospital, we provide an environment where patients can receive treatment with peace of mind.
We will help you with health care so that each patient can enjoy life through optimal treatment of teeth such as treatment of implants, also known as second permanent teeth, orthodontic treatment.
Before starting treatment, I will explain the condition of the disease and treatment, but do not hesitate to ask doctors and staff if there is something you do not know about treatment. (Yiharu Hayashi)

It is a dental clinic in Shinjuku Ward Waseda. We are doing functional and aesthetic implant treatment. We also do socket lift (bone regeneration treatment), so please consult those who were told that bone is thin and can not be implanted.

Tel 03-3204-8850
The director Lin Yi Lin
Director’s career 1979 Nihon University Matsudo Dental College 1979-1983 Worked for IDA (International Dental Academy) 1983-1985 Worked at Kawazu Dental Clinic 1986 Yuan Building Dental Clinic opened
Street address Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Babashita-cho 62 Kuu Building 2F
home page http://www.u-dental.com/
Medical time Weekday AM 10: 00 ~ PM 7: 00
Saturday AM 10: 00 ~ PM 6: 00
Closed day Sundays and public holidays
nearest station Waseda Station
traffic Tokyo Metro Tozai Line Waseda Station