Emerald is the most luxurious nobility Van cleef emerald legend

Van Cleef & amp; Arpels van cleef at the beginning of the founding of the emerald arms special emotion. For a long time, a family like standard strict collector, with patience and passion, in the world to pursue the remarkable and excellent quality of the emerald. Van cleef with emerald wonderful love also wrote many legendary stories ~

in van cleef Serrania necklace central metagems

& other; I stand in front of such a treasure, the vastness and precious stones, to my surprised, & throughout; Pierre & middot; Yabao (Pierre Arpels, 1919-1980) was described. He can never imagine one day witnessed such a treasure! Thousands of emerald, full of beautiful things in eyes on display in the window display.

number and more difficult to calculate! In addition, his time is pressing. Because the Iranian government entrust van cleef design and create many jewelry suit, including that in will be awarded the queen’s coronation crown. Pierre & middot; Yabao explanation says: & other; In November 1966, the government of Iran’s state-owned bank officials to come to visit us. Asked whether we would like to some for a crown design sketches. Throughout the &; & have spent

on December 16, the queen chose one family of design. Then Pierre & middot; Yabao with a gem craftsman team immediately got up and went to Iran. Coronation is scheduled for November 1967, therefore, he is less than 11 months to build this crown.

Pierre & middot; Yabao (Pierre Arpels) on the drawing method of lage & middot; Pahlavi queen highness (H.I.H Farah Pahlavi) crown handpainted manuscript, Tehran, around 1967, Van Cleef & amp; Arpels van cleef file

followed by the second task was born: custom number set jewelry suit for the royal princess & ndash; & ndash; Necklaces, ornaments and the pendants. They also set with emeralds and diamonds. Finally, in September 1967, the third order: in just two months, for the queen to create a necklace and a pair of earrings. Then, a design in the shortest possible time, leading role is a 200 – carat hexagon emerald. So far, a total of nearly 2000 carats of emeralds are embedded in the royal jewels. & have spent

on October 26, 1967, the coronation of broadcast around the world. The shah of Iran for Mr Farah queen (have) put on the van cleef build by the crown. The prosperous time, van cleef relationship is closely combined with emeralds have been given a supreme glory.

by Van Cleef & amp; Arpels van cleef for Iran queen farah & middot; Pahlavi queen highness (H.I.H Farah Pahlavi) design crown reproductions, in 1967, Van Cleef & amp; Arpels collection

the earliest to establish such a special relationship between the customer, is the duchess of Windsor (Duke of Windsor, 1896-1986). She lives in London in 1936, is one of the most attractive women in the capital. She with Britain’s king Edward VIII (Edouard VIII, 1894-1972) of public relationship in 1936. The king is crazy about the extremely elegant women in the United States, and with endless of luxury, devoted to the wind. These gifts are a mostly purchased van cleef in Paris, because Mrs Simpson to the family of a new style.

two years later, king Edward viii abdicated in order to marry the woman he loved. There is no doubt that the duke, of course, continue to the best jewelry gift to his wife. In December 1937, he bought a van cleef unique special hand catenary, the paint with black gold, inlaid flower by diamond, ruby, and five pear-shaped cut, weight in 7 to 14 carat big emeralds. & have spent

at the same time, the other is still preserved intact diamond emerald necklace, is a remarkable customers buy: Egypt faye princess Sally (Faiza), namely, Farouk, Farouk) the king’s sister. She buy this necklace, in 1929 was in the late 1930 s, became a very flexible soft collar, the tassel with 9 diamond above old emerald pendant. And emeralds, 20 were used to ornament jewelry a specially processed buckle lock on the back. Faye Sally princess often wear this emerald necklace, held in Paris, azure coast or Cairo, appearance of the ball. This necklace again in November 2013 in Geneva auction at Christie’s. And then be van cleef to acquire, become a family collection. & have spent

Egypt administered faye Sally her royal highness (H.R.H. Princess Faiza of inform) collection by the collar, in 1929, Van Cleef & amp; Arpels collection

collar retail card, Van Cleef & amp; Arpels van cleef file

in 1946, Pierre’s brother, Jacob & middot; Yabao (Jacques Arpels, 1914-2008), became the emerald another chapter hero legend. He received the first order from India Mrs Baroda archduke (Maharani DE Baroda, 1917-1989). With breathtaking beauty starr & middot; Dai fu (Sita Devi) princess, is India’s legend. After a stunning marriage, divorce, change religion after the ups and downs of life experience, she married one of India’s richest prince: Baroda archduke (Maharadjah DE Baroda). Grand duchess choose settled in Paris. She is dressed in a traditional Indian showily saris, but prefer to wear jewelry in Europe.

between 20 years, she entrusted van cleef rebuild her almost all of the collection. Emerald occupies an important position in it. In 1950, Jacques & middot; Yabao from a series of emerald collection designed a legendary gem, the collection includes weighing 155 carats of emeralds pendant 13 and 36 51 -carat 3 emeralds round bead. It has the lotus pattern necklace in van cleef retrospective appearance on a regular basis. In order to make it, Jacques & middot; Yabao built three to enchase the diamond and emerald eardrop. & have spent

20 years later, in 1971, van cleef in square fang (Place Vendô Me) bought another artifact of the Arabian nights. The aga & middot; Khan IV (Aga Khan IV) first wife Sally wheat princess Salimah, entrust the family will be a set of singular ribbed emeralds: 58 of the legendary emerald, carved with grooved on each side. Van cleef will use these gems, create for her a long necklace and a pair of earrings. Long necklace is convertible type works, it back to be worn as a bracelet, pendant can also become a brooch. In 1995, Christie’s auction in Geneva Sally wheat princess to sell this jewelry, it belongs to the private collection of van cleef today. & have spent

left: India Mrs Baroda archduke (Maharani DE Baroda) and son Princie, right: in 1948 the Indian style necklace can be converted into two bracelets, removable into a pendant or a brooch, in 1971, originally Sally wheat & middot; The aga & middot; Khan, princess your Highness (its ehrs Highness Begum Salimah Aga Khan) treasured, Van Cleef & amp; Arpels van cleef collection

today, more than 1400 carats of emeralds through careful selection of van cleef gem experts, a new & Eacute; Meraude en majesté Senior jewelry series. The pursuit of high standards of quality and personality combined with each other, breed and gems really beautiful encounter. & have spent

3 total weight 127.88 -carat carving emerald (made in Colombia) placed in the Grand Opus necklace handpainted manuscript

Claudine necklace handpainted manuscript

& Eacute; Meraude en majesté Senior jewelry series witnessed at the beginning of the founding of van cleef’s special feelings about emerald cherished. For a long time, a family like standard strict collector, with patience and passion, in the world to pursue the remarkable and excellent quality of the emerald. Today, van cleef series with this song of praise to the emerald, there by its interpretation of incisively and vividly show the resplendent and personality of the emerald.

Serrania necklace 26.43 carat on pillow type cutting emerald (made in Colombia) & have spent

in a large number of shapes of gems, some carving emerald unique peculiar charm. After careful hand, they are to reminiscing about India’s traditional luxuriant adornment, this also for Van Cleef & amp; Arpels van cleef since the 1920 s, a source of inspiration. & have spent null