Earrings also has “carefully machine” four collocation let you only buy one

now asymmetric earrings were no longer a new, jewelry trends and outdated street style Settings, people are used to this style, many brands and even provide only one earring. This new join the earrings style provides more choices for us, you need to be done for them when wearing a pair, so even if you only have a few pieces of earrings, and their different combinations can still provide you with a variety of choices.

1. The linear combination of

maintain the same color, as for the shape and direction, let them casual!

linear combination

2. The color combination

color combination is always a joy, as long as they huddle together, it looks very beautiful.

color combination

3. Unexpected design combination

look? Toys? Office supplies? Wulitou to meet here.

unexpected design combination

4. The classical collocation of simple and complex

keep one side of the contracted, it will with any exaggerated earrings to match.

the classical collocation of simple and complex






from the catwalk to the street snap, fashion the essence of capture the unilateral earrings a rapid upsurge, cocktail party or in pajamas went downstairs to buy coffee in the morning, these earrings are very appropriate, quick to see if there are like? null