Earn up to 40 million of liu by 1 million buy package more?

说起“ Take goods throughout the queen &; Who do you think, Yang mi? Tiffany tang? Their style favored by the majority girls, all kinds of joy with money to buy buy buy. I think to say & other; Take the goods & throughout; Words must be without liu, accepted will dress will buy package, is a textbook model ~ she is & other; Queen bags & throughout; In this respect, this article we’ll take stock liu are all back in 2017, what kind of bag!


the rough statistics, liu back in 2017, a total of 55 bags!

as Chanel & other; Kiss my daughter & throughout; , Chanel handbags for 12, only 22% of the total,



Chanel case grain flap bags

price: about $25500

Chanel backpack

price: 21500 yuan

Chanel handbags

price: 26300 yuan

Chanel handbags

price: 29500 yuan