Early spring deserve to act the role of play fold wear Add some contrast more of

everyone said winter deserve to act the role of give prize, but it may be only you didn’t take to deserve to act the role of. Both winter travel light and wrapped herself, with a thick coat, no matter the wrist or neck, there will be a lot of space for your free play. At this moment, to point out the different, contrast more of!

contrast of collocation 1: color play on differentiation

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played a fold wear on your wrist is tie-in, has become a lot of girls seem very & other; Common throughout the &; One of the things. But definitely not fun to the fold wear casual set in the collocation of wrist, it is not at all.

so, want to do contrast, is not among the most common form of gold and silver to play a game colour, concise air, the key is never wrong. Even if your bracelets are the same style, also can use the color set.

fold wear bracelet item recommendation:

Cartier LOVE bracelet

the Cartier LOVE series of deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, because of its iconic screw design to get the favour of couples, from name to detail, each filled with thick LOVE, more different colors to wear to create infinite possibility.

bulgari BVLGARI BVLGARI bracelet

the studded with diamond bracelet with concise air, otherwise rose gold and gold material design, very convenient also love a stack of your new tricks!

contrast of collocation 2: the length of the fold layers on

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who says winter only & other; The destiny & throughout; , even if it wrapped like a rice dumplings, also want to be more beautiful than others that & hellip; & hellip;

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before the bosom exposure with different lengths of necklace, regardless of pearl, tassel, or metal, successfully shaping a lively aura, bump unlined upper garment also is not afraid.

necklace fold item recommendation:

van cleef Vintage Alhambra long necklace

contains enough lucky clover, let a person can instantly identify the van cleef’s unique aura, and elegant long necklace, also is take out administrative levels feels good choice!

chopard HAPPY already long necklace

this paragraph 18 k rose gold necklace long adopted the actual contrast heart-shaped pattern design, pearl fresh fritillaria elegance, rose gold outline of hollow out heart also added a lighter dance, three clever diamond with dancing, absolute can give a necklace to fold to lay a good foundation.