Do you know the three needles and small difference?

I’m well & other; Dilettante watch the scene of bustle adept guard the entrance. Throughout the &; This word is used in wrist appreciation and good tasting.

you know, in the watch industry, even if specific to watch the dial on the hour hand, minute hand and second hand ordinary people’s eyes, in the industry, there are subtle differences and different appellation. Some great three stitches on the layout, some say the three stitches; Appearance is called: treasure ji needles, blue steel pointer, etc. Let alone to watch internal structure of complex function, the tourbillon device, fly back to three scheduling function and so on, all have same & other; Practice & throughout; . How can I like a watch connoisseur see Chinese doorways & ndash; & ndash; Watch the term word basic cognitive, from pointer dial to the internal structure, by & other; Table & throughout; And, now, to teach you how to qualify as a first step to becoming a watch connoisseur lore.

watch pointer

watch the pointer is the key to our reading time. But do you know that those in the eyes of ordinary people on the dial only indicate the hour hand, minute hand and second hand of time, if the sight of the clock and watch the personage inside course of study to evaluate, there are nuances and different appellation. Some great three stitches on the layout, some say the three stitches; Appearance is called: treasure ji needles, blue steel pointer, etc. The rest and is subdivided by a variety of shapes, pointer is fancy, dull.

the following these watches terms fall back such as flow, can not account.

1, three needles and small three:

product family (Jaeger LeCoultre) Master Control Master series fully automatic watches,

minimalist & other; Three needle & throughout; , crown princess (dauphine) pointer, pocket watch from the 19th century and Memovox series

with the legendary Futurematic series table in absorbing the essence of traditional design inspiration, become a simple elegant classic masterpiece.

keywords: hour hand, minute hand and second hand, dial layout

& other; Three needle & throughout; With & other; Small three stitches & throughout; Within the watch industry is a common terminology, refers to the specific watch dial on the layout of the hour hand, minute hand and second hand.

in general, the so-called & other Three needle & throughout; Which refers to the wrist watch dial of the central position in the layout, device have hour hand, minute hand and second hand, and three in coaxial as centre point of junction, now, is a more common way of setting.

if a wrist watch is called & other; Three needle & throughout; , it usually refers to the basic table only have time function, simple and efficient instruction time, no complex function, and most calendar window display function; While & other; Small three stitches & throughout; Meaning is in the center of the wrist watch dial position in the layout, hour hand, minute hand, both in the coaxial as the centre point of junction, while the small second hand alone within a small circle of dial, separately according to the second hand of running state, most in 6 position, therefore, & other; Small three stitches & throughout; Also called short three needles, two and a half.

with & other; Three needle & throughout; & compared to other Small three stitches & throughout; Instead, it is the doyen dial disk can appear & other; Complex & throughout; Some, feel the dashboard.

in fact, from the perspective of the historical evolution of development of clocks and watches, pocket watch and watch come from, on the wrist watch design, the second hand is mounted on the round, so the earliest in the second hand is in the position of the four rounds, not in the central axis, this is & other; Small three stitches & throughout; . Then, with the progress of tabulation technology, in order to reduce the volume of a mechanical watch, the second hand position is removed, on the hour hand, minute hand and the same shaft, to appear the coaxial & other; Three needle & throughout; . So, in the time of technology mature enough, making three needles wrist watch technical challenges have been breakthroughs, three needle watches became a watch is the mainstream of the basic design. This is why the current mainstream table, small three three needle table to restore ancient ways.

of course, it must be noted that some watches are designed & other Eccentric & throughout; Table, or not based on circular dial design modelling, so the pointer is probably not in the layout of the central position of the dial, but as long as meet the coaxial or two big three needle plus a small second hand still can be called & other; Three needle & throughout; With & other; Small three stitches & throughout; .

2, standardization of Pointers:

, he’s (Glashü Tte what) Strasser & amp; Rohde Regulator

& other; Three stitches line & throughout; Specification pointer wrist watch with a plate of pure and simple.

keywords: standard proofreading, the according to the party, changed & other; River’s lake little smell and & throughout;

specification pointer, English as a Regulator, meaning type standard table refers to the Regulator.

it originally was born in the 18th century, the school does for the table t checked other watches the use of time. With & other; Three needle & throughout; , & other Small three stitches & throughout; Pointer, specification is hour hand, minute hand and second hand in the layout of the dial plate. But the difference is, the standard pointer hour hand, minute hand and second hand on the dial is not a coaxial but according to each party, within their respective disk each running, do their job.

this layout specifications pointer can effectively avoid the visual error caused by overlapping between coaxial pointer, therefore, Regulator is referred to as specification pointer to watch. Although the frequency of the specification pointer is not high, mentioned the opportunity to also have no so big, even a bit & other; River’s lake little smell and & throughout; State, but there is no denying that the major adjustment function.

3, breguet pointer:

BREGUET (BREGUET) no. 702 machine core simple table, elegant BREGUET pointer,

platinum, brass dome, ruby h wheel escapement structure, by the Swiss national museum collection.

keywords: Mr Breguet, hollow out dot, eccentric month for modelling, elegant neoclassical

Breguet pointer from Breguet (Breguet) founder of the clock and watch brand & ndash; & ndash; Abraham? Louis? Treasure ji (Abraham – Louis Breguet, 1747-1823). Mr Breguet’s life has too much about the wrist watch invention for the first time, he also so was statue called & other; Watch the king & throughout; , & other The father of modern TAB & throughout; , makes the heart. And designed by Mr Breguet breguet pointer, a pointer type needle is very elegant, its nearly the needle tip to hollow out the eccentric month for modelling of dots, highly aesthetic characteristics. This design called round head Pomme pointer at first, then simply in the name of the inventor of directly named & other; Treasure ji pointer & throughout; . Treasure ji pointer also became breguet watch brand symbol of the more than two centuries. Treasure ji pointer to the pointer modelling also circulated in one hundred and classic. Now looks more elegant lasting appeal, give a person a kind of antique feeling, can arouse the people to the 18th century Europe’s elegant temperament and the goodness of neoclassicism style. Today, not only treasure ji brand watches have treasure ji a pointer, many other wrist watch brand also will use & other; Treasure ji needle & throughout; Design to decorate the dial of the disk. Looks beautiful and elegant design in watch-making industry is the passage.

4, & other; Contour & throughout; Pointer:

treasure pearl (bought) small three stitches wrist watch willow pointer, dial as contracted, and show elegant temperament.

key words: shape, because of the shape named

watch the name of the pointer points from the appearance, besides breguet needle, and some have obvious unique shape & other; Contour & throughout; Pointer, such as:

willow pointer, needle shape as the slender willow, concise and restoring ancient ways.

serpentine pointer, needle shape, such as winding am prostrate, needles and at the same time with a crescent shape, used & other; Three needle & throughout; Is longer than the second hand in the modelling design.

the arrow pointer, needles for the triangle, the modelling of the clock like bows and arrows. Actually now arrows needle is much simplified, and the arrows in the old-fashioned pocket watch needle will be more complicated.

knife needle, the needle as a whole, such as the ancient dao, pointer subject for asymmetric diamond, extended needle tail has a small section of the bar.

otherwise rules geometry needle bar, rod, the diamond shape of needle, such shape of the pointer because something symmetrical shape for the overall modelling, and needle surface comparison & other; Broad & throughout; Strong, suitable for filling luminous for night vision function;

crown princess needle belong to asymmetric diamond pointer design, open the watch is in adornment art tide design ideas, use a pointer, reached the peak of its tip pointing to the more accurate calibration, just the area of the needle surface can fill luminous than rules a pointer to the size of diamond.

glave pointer, sword needle is relatively thin, is more than the knife, lozenge pointer the gas with a sharp, a bit like a needle bar, but the needle is not straight, have a certain Angle, whose hands also easy to fill large luminous and facilitate the production, once adopted by the British navy divers watch special. null