Dazzle colour on wrist let an eye “eat a bite of ice cream”

打败闷热天气最好的方法,就是变得比阳光更炽热— & ndash; With gorgeous color sheet is tasted deck own mood is to do something useful in this summer. During the heat wave, each brand has also launched for the summer many colourful wrist form product & ndash; & ndash; Just easily wear a watch, let whole modelling becomes energetic. & have spent

new color Swatch watches not only the color, can be used to pay function is also very cool.

the Swatch recently released the payment can be used to watch & ndash; & ndash; & other; The SWATCH PAY! Throughout the &; The second generation of contactless payment systems. The system with 11 major Chinese Banks reached cooperation, basically covers most of the unionpay bank. Launched by innovative Swatch watches was inspired by the American writer Edward Bellamy (Edward & bull; Craig Bellamy), in his 1888 novel, imagine a utopian world of using credit CARDS instead of cash. As the earliest swatch Bellamy payment system appeared in 2015, it without charge, do not need to support network. Anytime, anywhere, waving the wrist can pay. & have spent

both dazzle colour red, blue and classic black ash, the Swatch of new ornament wrist elegant demeanour, not only pay can also bring brand-new experience.

the new SWATCH PAY! Not only embodies the swatch of taste, color and functional design, four watches models also combines innovation and fashion. Second generation for the wrist watch adopt new technology, flash pay with China unionpay cloud solutions, can support unionpay debit and credit CARDS. Consumer is buying the SWATCH PAY! After, need to scan qr code inside the store and download the relevant application, can instantly activate the payment function of wrist watch, the tag, only a few minutes, the process of wave wrist payment can be realized. & have spent

brand according to the team the mass-tone attune of the hit show on Nato strap color collocation, make colour more meaningful.

at the moment the NBA regular season is in full swing, if you want to blend in this let a person mad carnival atmosphere, tissot jie series NBA special help you easily into the trend of the frontier. Tissot jie series NBA special watch appearance fashion, style is concise and easy, and energetic. The most special is, the brand according to the team the mass-tone attune of the hit show on Nato strap color collocation, the team’s sign is printed in the bottom of the case, not only meet the fans of the team, more of a hot fashion item. & have spent

each color represents a NBA team. & have spent

graffiti let night profusion colour more playful whimsy.

sunny summer time, fresh creative design is spontaneously and symbol of self-expression. Understand this Gucci big colour game, this time in G – Timeless series launched more beautiful graffiti theme wrist watch. The series was inspired by Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele recent Trouble with American artists, Andrew’s cooperation. On the dial with lovely white ghost, or floating a UFO&mdash like poached egg; & ndash; This series adopts the hand-painted design modelling of image is bright, with a strong sense of the art of graffiti. & have spent

optional replacement strap Settings, allows you to match a belongs to own the summer mood.

recently among young people suddenly hit the fashion brand of tabulating JONAS& When VERUS wei road, also launched its own colorful style during the summer. Different is, although this series of MY QUEEN is colorful, but are light colour is pure and fresh and cool. Pink, pink, yellow cheese, citric yellow, light blue, light green these colour are intertwined, like the first love, pure and fresh colour. It is interesting to note that the strap can be optional collocation, fingers flipped can change quickly, even for a special bump color also have not cannot.