D secret angel sugar sugar and pumpkin pregnancy gave birth to the baby together that is good girlfriends


please forget the Victoria’s secret, because angel sugar sugar recently announced her secret! That is Candice announced the good news of two mother’s womb! DetailPic

ins screenshot

supermodel sugar sugar on the personal social software released a photograph, photos of her abdomen micro, her ins copy also happy wrote: & other; Christmas in advance to the! , to meet the baby # 2 & throughout; .

sugar sugar and eldest son Anacã

Candice Swanepoel Anac&atilde son’s expecting in 2016; Again, now pregnant news, fans poured into the she sets offer blessings, reported that has 2 months pregnant! BUT WAIT! This means that the sugar sugar catwalk show in Shanghai last month when she was already pregnant???????

sugar sugar Shanghai d modelling of the secret show

also shows in Shanghai last month, it seems the little baby also experienced the secret show, sugar sugar put together too!

& other; Waist fine & throughout; Candice

Candice with her fiance Herman Nicoli

model Herman Candice from South Africa and Brazil, 10 years to meet the second baby, now the power picking children, go against appearance level must be in the future!

Candice with her fiance Herman Nicol

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