D of angel nickname too ground Stan, pumpkin, sesame elder sister… You know who is it?

2017 Victoria’s secret underwear show is about to debut at the Shanghai next Monday.


the 14 angel will attend the show, show on the 61 model confirmed at present. The d dense show will be one of the most countries die, more than the Chinese face! In addition to the familiar liu, sui he, Ming xi, in XiaoWen, there are two new faces Chen, igor sechin.


in front of so many angels model, did you ever face blindness? When watching show notice that there are quite a few excellent models, especially want to them remember, but was really can’t remember, through study the nickname had to memory.


to come! In the coming 2017 NianWeiMi show, also hope to do a little meaningful. Welcome to & other; VS exploration and discovery & throughout; With face blindness, say goodbye ~

1. Gisele Bundchen

a nickname: ji empress G god

ji empress up VS the first!

Gisele Bundchen

2. Tyra Banks

a nickname: Thai mother

tiger mama shows that imposing manner without words, see the following diagram will know ~

Tyra Banks

3. Heidi Klum

a nickname: the mother

d dense & other; Kiss my daughter & throughout;

Heidi Klum

4. Karolí Na Kurková

a nickname: the big KK KK

shows off shoes terrier was forever.