Colorful plastic jewelry to wear!

so beautiful summer is coming, this is a season full of vitality and boundless change, the bright summer flowers, hot sun and cool summer night… Always no moment is anxious, how can you live up to such a busy season, is not careful to dress up quickly and go out to enjoy the beautiful time.

it is such hot weather, to wear the dress with the complex, can only rely on jewelry to ornament ~ but if you don’t think the gold and silver jewelry is too expensive, no relationship, so 100 yuan can buy nice and fashionable jewelry.

summer jewelry

small make up recommend eight plastic material that will give you the earrings and necklace. Don’t be too cheap plastic, exaggerated shapes and colorful color is one of the largest specialty plastic jewelry.

Sophie Cull – Candy 250 yuan

Tatty Devine 200 yuan

Mars 800 yuan

Ejing Zhang 1500 yuan

Diana Broussard 1200 yuan

Topshop 100 yuan

Toolally 400 yuan

Gucci 6000 yuan