Even if I am planning to polish cleanly every day, there is always something left to do with a toothbrush alone somewhere.

In the cleaning of teeth, remove the tooth contamination that causes bad breath and dental plaque by using a scaler.

Because it can remove dirt such as pigment and tartar which can not be removed by oneself, it has effects such as preventing troubles such as halitosis, tooth decay and periodontal disease, keeping the beauty of teeth.

Cleaning which can be done easily in a short time, fine dirt can be taken without hurting the surface of the tooth.

Because it uses abrasive, it can not be done frequently because it scrapes a little teeth, but it polishes to rub the surface of the tooth at the same time as becoming dirty.

Teeth dirt and plaque are actually adhered to something like a barrier formed on the surface of teeth. So, if you destroy this barrier, extremely dirty and dental plaque will become difficult to adhere. However, this barrier is stubborn and can not be removed with toothpaste. Even if we take it, it will be formed again soon. However, it turned out that fluorine has an action to inhibit the formation of this barrier. This effect continues for about 6 months by destroying the barrier by polishing and acting fluorine immediately afterward. Cleaning takes about 1 hour but it can expect a considerable effect.