Christmas will come, speed to watch fashion star, open the right way!

every last month of the year, the joy of the festival would spread in every corner of the street. The festival of the year many, the Spring Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, National Day and so on… Whenever festivals come, from the work you must be reunited with family and friends together. In the last month of a year, a very important & other; Throughout the closing &; Festival & ndash; & ndash; Christmas has entered the countdown stage.


watch footsteps getting closer and closer to Christmas, burn today is just to take you feel the fashionable star people open the way for Christmas!

del British royal & ndash; & ndash; Queen Elizabeth del

& other; Super-long standby & throughout; Queen Elizabeth during Christmas, in Buckingham Palace, and called the royal family members from around the home for dinner. And the queen every year in accordance with practice, to the British people Christmas greeting. Every year, Christmas, they sat in front of the TV watching queen of so-called & other; Annual English pronunciation ultimate tutorial & throughout; Christmas greeting, like Chinese family watch Spring Festival gala, is a festival & other The standard & throughout; .

queen Elizabeth

this year’s new & other; Throughout his fiancee &; Megan – markel, prince harry and his fiancee also invited and fiance family for Christmas. (she may be the first not the door, and prospective members of the royal family to spend Christmas day with the queen.)

prince harry and his fiancee megan – markel

del the former President of the United States & ndash; & ndash; Obama del

the former President of the United States each year will also spend the holiday with family at Christmas time.

barack Obama and his family

no cold snow, the Obama family has always been passionate about at Christmas to celebrate the Christmas holiday in Hawaii, which would go hiking together with my family, playing golf, and go out for dinner with friends and so on.

barack Obama and his family spend Christmas