Christmas blockbuster | 12 zodiac signs New Year transfer depends on the 100 pieces of fashion gifts

another year to the Christmas season, when giving gifts to everyone again! Santa Claus and the Christmas atmosphere with dear little deer doll rich slowly up.

in fact more than Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year’s day, New Year will come soon!

what gift can properly can not only reflect the atmosphere of Christmas and express their own thoughts? This time we in the exclusive fashion planning combined with the 12 signs 2018 fortunes selection 100 Christmas New Year gift, have the time, the New Year (the year of the dog) fortunes will be prosperous prosperous!

Aries: March 21 ─ April 20,

2018 fortunes:

this year most of Aries behavior have similarities with Aquarius. Sometimes, you will find a less impulsive Aries, literature and art has one more point and quiet, show a different side of habitual problem before suddenly didn’t, around very possibly let a person shine at the moment.

star: Aries exo


lucky city: Madrid square, most fireworks atmosphere of the square.





Manu Atelier velvet micro mini hand bag, price: 2937 yuan

Marc Jacobs水晶缀饰褶饰欧亘纱女衫,售价:8111元



BVLGARI宝格丽Divas’ Dream系列项链,售价:112,000元

Aromatherapy Associates舒爽放松护理套装(英伦时光限量版)

FANCL smooth clean flour – Christmas forest limited edition, price: RMB 160/50 g