Chow sang sang for the first time the original illustration figures # # Cassie express my fashion attitude

value DailyWear series jewelry products listed in the spring and summer, chow sang sang hand in hand with Hong Kong famous fashion illustrator Mickco, combined to create original Cassie, again as the voice of # StateYourStyle#, express # # my fashion attitude.

around to modern urban passenger blueprint for the creation, Cassie is derived from the real you and me, she may not perfect but always insist on # MyCassieStyle#.

leisure (Effortless Chic), work (Metropolitan), sports (Sporty Chic), grace (Feminine) & ndash; & ndash; Chow sang sang give Cassie four kind of different style fashion designs, Cassie into daily life scene:

chow sang sang give Cassie four kind of different style fashion designs

leisure Cassie at ease, as rebel; Acquire the attention in the workplace,, know to balance work and life in wisdom. She sometimes unlimited vitality, and sports; Sometimes solemn atmosphere, raise your hand is cast sufficient all show elegance, movement all appropriate to the multivariant style. Cassie will also through the social network to share her life attitude and feelings, in the life way to interpret # StateYourStyle#, express # # I fashion attitude.

# MyCassieStyle# & have spent Have the fashionable life philosophy of attitude

Scorpio Cassie and her sincere frank, decisive courage, with superior aesthetic ability and keen fashion sense of smell, and abundant life experience has made Cassie send out an attractive female glamour. Whether leisure, work, sports, or elegant wind, # MyCassieStyle# out perfect Cassie fashion life philosophy with attitude.

Look Ⅰ

# MyCassieStyle# & have spent Leisure (Effortless Chic)

fashion is a trace points to. Cassie express # MyCassieStyle# first, is the pursuit of effortless sense of fashion. Easily display leisure (Effortless Chic) modelling, the beauty of the ride along with the gender, show ego unique fashion sense.

# # relaxed joy & have spent To enjoy pleasure life

leisure time, should will worry about trivial things behind, let decorate holiday life pleasant. Cassie love is beauty and art museum, London’s Victoria and Albert museum (Victoria& Albert Museum, hereinafter referred to as V& A) is her true love, of which the hiding English stories and romantic feelings for Cassie linger. Chow sang sang V& A museum series V& A museum collection of creative inspiration, combines modern technology and classic aesthetics, all show the British temperament of restoring ancient ways and life coexist.

idle when visiting the museum to appreciate beauty and art

chow sang sang V& A museum Bless series of 18 k red gold sapphire and diamond pendant

chow sang sang V& A museum Bless series of 18 k red gold sapphire and diamond earrings

# # real natural & have spent Listen to self

no affectation, praise others with sincerity, show oneself, is Cassie consistent style. # LessIsMore#, Cassie know more pure, more precious, so she obsessed with gentle La Pelle series. Quietly elegant pearl in diamonds, gold, and all kinds of gem more fruity and shine, reflect the aesthetic taste of contracted but not simple. As born after experience elutriation natural pearls, Cassie attitude with real nature, follow the inner voice, life effortlessly.

# reflexive eye to # not disrupt the pace

chow sang sang La Pelle series of 18 k gold red gold pearl earrings earrings

chow sang sang La Pelle series of 18 k gold red gold pearl ring

# cool feeling rebellious # & have spent Occasionally indulge yourself

as a faithful follower of # WorkHardPlayHard# concept, Cassie think seriously how hard from time to tome, leisure when they should be more free. Ponder dye-in-the-wood Fingers Play “to Play” series, add more moments for Cassie holiday life. In different color stones red gold, platinum, and material of the collision, creative Fashion Show of the fingertip. Cassie feel # MixAndMatch# mix building a style fun, snacks, pet and fashion ring accompanied, enjoy summer afternoon.

sometimes, just want to put the business down, completely empty!