China has a hip-hop | learn not freestyle we can wear a table from the beginning

about China have hip hop, some people think that it is a variety of debris flow, dirty braid, baggy pants, daikin chain, and the world just me, also some people called it is domestic first & other; The blind & throughout; Judges, but no matter with what kind of evaluation, it is fire, become the variety of the most attention this summer.

many people owed its fire to wu queer’s & other; Do you have any freestyle & throughout; , when you really watched the show, however, turn out to be really fascinates the audience is the player! Jin, PG ONE, GAI, which Jony J, small white, small tsing lung, sun bayi, TT… & hellip; These once familiar name has now spread throughout the streets, their unique style, unabashed individuality attracted attention. Speak to compete for the money, is the purpose of direct face-to-face diss rival, argues that keep them real, real like everywhere friends around, if partial to say some differences, that it might be more fashionable dress up.

throughout the hip-hop stage, both players and teacher, they are unified on the dress: with a scarf or baseball cap, wearing loose but expensive clothes, stamped on the collector shoes, wearing a light gold chain and smelled a smell of glistening yuan. In addition to these, of course, there is one thing also often wear many rapper, that is a watch. & have spent & have spent

the Rapper liking for watches? See pan weibo have watch writing a new song “” coming home” behavior in a song, will know how to its fascinating.

although the lyrics to sing by Richard Mille, but look carefully, you will find a mentor or players, ferial is most often took in the G SHOCK, almost a hand! If it is not see their microblog is illuminated, also really think is casio for sponsorship. Have to say, however, the appearance of the G SHOCK concise atmospheric indeed become the nods eyeball pen of dress up in their, become the most unique in wrist ornament. & have spent

and extremely fashionable smell of the rapper can according to dress dress up more, choose different colors of the G SHOCK, make public of candy colors, low-key black and white, luxurious black gold & hellip; & hellip; Dress up more show their different character at the same time. And, of course, in addition to the shape and color of anti-collision function is the reason that the you rapper decision on it, after all, bums and the stage, party is unable to avoid.

in addition to watch, also have a lot of rapper changed a sparkling big gold teeth, so the modelling of make public to let a person have to sigh, indeed as expected is hip-hop hipsters.

if you think that as long as wear them is hip hop, that is too naive. Hip-hop is a kind of street culture, but also a forthright, sensibility, not constrained attitude to life, like wearing a business van sun bayi, don’t you can say his hip hop?