Ceramic inlay

When opening the mouth widely and laughing or singing, the metal filling of the back tooth shines glaring and stands out.
If the filling of the back tooth is written, just remove the metal filler and change to a ceramic inlay (inlay = padding)
makes it inconspicuous .

Ceramic inlays adhere stuffing made of ceramic instead of metal filling.
Unlike metal filled stuff, we can reproduce the color of teeth, so there is
no remnant of remedy .
Also, since the ceramic is a body-friendly material, metal ions will melt out and teeth will not color or cause allergies.

It looks nice and hardly discolors.

Dirt (plaque) is difficult to adhere.

Since no metal is used, there is no possibility of discoloration of teeth and gums due to melting out of metal, metal allergy and the like.


The amount of cutting teeth is relatively large.

Because of non-insurance treatment, the price is expensive.

Appearance by caster’s technique

It is easy to get hold difference.

Treatment period
2 to 3 times (It differs depending on the number of teeth and the state of gum)
Point of treatment
It is finished in a more natural feeling with a sense of transparency. Sometimes it may be necessary to treat gums.