Gum peeling is a treatment method to restore dark gums to pink with good blood color.
If melanin pigment deposits on the gingiva than smoking etc., you can revive healthy pink gum with a technique called gum peeling.

There are two types of gum peeling: laser peeling by laser treatment and chemical peeling by chemical peeling method.

Many of the laser beams are applied to reacting to black color to selectively remove spot / melanin pigment under the skin, activate the skin turnover, and stain spots.

When you do whitening (laser peeling) of gums with laser, healthy pink gums come back.

Apply medicine to the gums and peel the gum surface.
The pain is somewhat tingling.
Immediately after treatment, gums will turn white with medicine, but after 2 or 3 days the membrane peels off and turns into pink gums like birth in about one or two weeks.
Depending on the person, about once it is necessary several treatments.



It is a cure that regenerates new tooth firmly rooted by planting artificial teeth roots just like their own teeth in the place where teeth come out. For that reason, you do not have to remove it like a denture every night, it is natural as it looks, and you can eat deliciously as if you were feeling like your own tooth.

Since the implant has the structure closest to its own tooth without using the surrounding teeth, it is also an excellent treatment for appearance.

Implant treatment incorporating aesthetic dentistry can regain the aesthetic qualities that can not be distinguished from your teeth unless bone resorption is large.

There is no sense of incompatibility or foreign body which is likely to occur in dentures, and a feeling close to natural teeth is obtained. It does not damage the taste of food and does not affect pronunciation. It is a natural finish that looks like natural teeth.

Because it can chew properly, the bones do not weaken, it does not put an extra burden on the surrounding teeth. Also like partial dentures and bridges, we do not scrape natural tooth or clasp (spring) for wearing.

Surgery is necessary to implant the implant in the bone of the jaw. There is some pain compared to dentures and others, and it will take several months until treatment is finished. However, if you think carefully, I feel uneasy that the treatment that supports tooth health for decades ends in a few days.
It is also important to take time to carefully in order to send everyday with peace of mind.

Implant treatment is not covered by health insurance.
Implant therapy will examine your mouth every corner and will undergo surgical operation so it will be an out-of-insurance treatment.


Even if I am planning to polish cleanly every day, there is always something left to do with a toothbrush alone somewhere.

In the cleaning of teeth, remove the tooth contamination that causes bad breath and dental plaque by using a scaler.

Because it can remove dirt such as pigment and tartar which can not be removed by oneself, it has effects such as preventing troubles such as halitosis, tooth decay and periodontal disease, keeping the beauty of teeth.

Cleaning which can be done easily in a short time, fine dirt can be taken without hurting the surface of the tooth.

Because it uses abrasive, it can not be done frequently because it scrapes a little teeth, but it polishes to rub the surface of the tooth at the same time as becoming dirty.

Teeth dirt and plaque are actually adhered to something like a barrier formed on the surface of teeth. So, if you destroy this barrier, extremely dirty and dental plaque will become difficult to adhere. However, this barrier is stubborn and can not be removed with toothpaste. Even if we take it, it will be formed again soon. However, it turned out that fluorine has an action to inhibit the formation of this barrier. This effect continues for about 6 months by destroying the barrier by polishing and acting fluorine immediately afterward. Cleaning takes about 1 hour but it can expect a considerable effect.



Whitening can be roughly divided into three types.
Office whitening done at a dental office and home whitening that you do at home. And there is the most effective dual whitening that combines the two methods.

It is because the whitening component of the gel for exclusive whitening removes the coloring in the tooth enamel. The ingredients generated from the gel dedicated to whitening are activated, enter the enamel of the tooth, decompose the color components and become colorless, so the teeth turn white.

The Beyond System is a whitening (bleaching) technology with a visible light irradiator developed in the United States.

By using the latest optical technology, light rays are at low temperature, so tooth hypersensitivity is reduced as much as possible.

The treatment time is only about 30 minutes. In the United States, more than 1 million patients already have teeth whitening with this technology.

It has an excellent effect on smoking, drinking coffee, tea, tooth discoloration caused by drugs (fluorine and tetracycline), yellowing caused by aging and heredity.

Benefits of office whitening Disadvantage of office whitening
There is immediate effect, you
can get some whiteness at a single visit .

All are done by a dentist / dental hygienist.

The back teeth that light does not reach can not turn white.

The color backtracking is
somewhat faster than the home whitening .

I feel pain on the day of treatment.

Home whitening

It is an easy way to do while a patient is asleep at home under the direction of a dentist.

First, we will make a soft and soft mouthpiece to match your teeth shape.
I inject a “Whitening gel (10 – 20% urea peroxide)” into the mouthpiece and let the teeth whiten by applying medicine to the teeth while sleeping.
It usually runs for about 2 to 4 weeks.
Regarding effects, there are individual differences.
It may not be able to expect a large effect on congenital and endogenous discoloration such as side effects of antibiotics.
However, the effect has been confirmed for the majority of patients.

Benefits of home whitening Disadvantages of home whitening
You can do it for your convenience.

It can be white to the back teeth.

The limit point where it can be white is high.

In office whitening, there is a possibility that teeth which are difficult to whiten can also be made white.

Whiteness lasts longer.

It takes time until the effect appears (white).

We need continued patience.

Some people feel a sense of incompatibility with wearing a tray.

Laminate veneer

A laminate veneer is a treatment method of pasting a thin ceramic plate as thin as the thickness of the nail to the part where the surface of the tooth is scraped.

It is used when treating severe cases of pigmentation which is not effective in whitening, when it is drawing a small gap of anterior teeth, tooth decay which has darkened to the surface, lightly twisted tooth, tooth which is broken or broken Yes.
The amount by which the surface of the tooth is scraped is 0.5 mm, and the enamel remains.
There, fix the ceramic laminate veneer with a strong adhesive
There is no need to shave the back of teeth and between teeth.
Also, usually there is no pain, no need to anesthetize.
The time required for one treatment is about 2 hours, it ends 2 to 4 times.
It is said that if you do care properly, it will last ten years.

I am concerned about the discoloration of the tooth surface. There is a discoloration due to a thin decay on the surface.

Just by bleaching the tooth surface, it is impossible to obtain sufficient effect.

I am concerned about discoloration of plastic filler.

I am concerned about irregularities in tooth size and width.

I am concerned about the tooth gap.

I want to be a beautiful tooth, but for that reason I do not want to sharply scrape teeth.

There are variations in the color of teeth.

Hybrid inlay

Hybrid inlay is a new material which has characteristics of both plastic and ceramics by adding ceramics to conventional resin (a kind of plastic) as a simple explanation.

Hybrid inlays use this material. Because it does not use metal, it is gentle to the body and there is no worry of metal allergy.
It has good light permeability and gives a lively natural feeling like natural teeth

It is a color that is easy to match with your teeth, so it is natural and inconspicuous.

Because it is the same hardness as a tooth, it is natural biting but it is hard to break.

There is no worry about metal allergy.

It is cheaper than ordinary ceramic.

Since the material is ultra high-quality resin, it is not 100% ceramic, so its durability is a little inferior to ceramics.

Difference between Hybrid and Ceramics
Both color tones are white natural teeth, but the change in color over time is slightly discolored by hybrids compared to ceramics.
Hybrid is also softer compared to ceramics hardness. For the price, the hybrid is a
little cheaper.

Ceramic inlay

When opening the mouth widely and laughing or singing, the metal filling of the back tooth shines glaring and stands out.
If the filling of the back tooth is written, just remove the metal filler and change to a ceramic inlay (inlay = padding)
makes it inconspicuous .

Ceramic inlays adhere stuffing made of ceramic instead of metal filling.
Unlike metal filled stuff, we can reproduce the color of teeth, so there is
no remnant of remedy .
Also, since the ceramic is a body-friendly material, metal ions will melt out and teeth will not color or cause allergies.

It looks nice and hardly discolors.

Dirt (plaque) is difficult to adhere.

Since no metal is used, there is no possibility of discoloration of teeth and gums due to melting out of metal, metal allergy and the like.


The amount of cutting teeth is relatively large.

Because of non-insurance treatment, the price is expensive.

Appearance by caster’s technique

It is easy to get hold difference.

Treatment period
2 to 3 times (It differs depending on the number of teeth and the state of gum)
Point of treatment
It is finished in a more natural feeling with a sense of transparency. Sometimes it may be necessary to treat gums.

All ceramic crown

The all ceramic crown makes teeth, teeth, colors and shapes beautiful in a short time.

Ceramic crown is a treatment method that arranges teeth, colors and shapes by placing a ceramic tooth on the teeth cut to a small size (about 1 – 1.5 mm).

It is possible to respond to such cases that only the tooth which has changed color, as well as the case where only irregular teeth of size, teeth with clearance, unsatisfactory teeth of tooth alignment, tooth root part are left.

It is a white tooth.
Because it is made of 100% ceramics, it transmits light naturally, it can not be distinguished from natural teeth. As well as front teeth, it
can also be used for molars and inlays (stuffing) .

· Because it is manufactured only with ceramic, there is natural clearness and shine.

· Suitable for metal allergies when used in conjunction with ceramic cores.

· Since we are not using metal at all, we do not have to worry about seeing a black line.

· It will not discolor in the long term.

· The strength slightly drops compared with metal bond.

· As the amount of tooth scrape increases, it is not recommended for teeth with nervousness.

Lion Implant Center

Lion dentistry has stated “good action” as a motto and has been trying to make good work for patients for 19 years. To that end, we think that not only compassion for patients, as well as evolving dental care always acquire new skills is the origin of providing high-quality dental care.
For that reason, I go to the dental training of the implant overseas several times a year, trying to acquire the knowledge of the specialized field of the United States and the advanced therapy method thinking about the whole body of Europe.
Currently he is a clinical professor at Nihon University and an associate professor at the German International Implant Academy.

Our hospital is striving to provide comprehensive dental practice by covering a wide range of fields including abundant ME (medical and electronics) equipment, implant and esthetic to whole body occlusion / natural growth induction correction. (Seiichi Suzuki)

Lion Implant Center (Ebina City, Kanagawa Prefecture), as the nation’s largest implant specialized facility in Japan, in order to tackle implant treatment in a better treatment environment based on experience and achievements of more than 5000 cases of previous treatment of implants, Kanagawa We opened it. It is an independent type “true implant center” specialized in the implant, not in the hospital in-house type that has been so far. In addition to six treatment platforms and two operating rooms, the Center also has the only hospitalization facilities in the latest X-ray (CT for dentistry treatment) room, disinfection room / counseling room, dentist’s office.

Clinic data
Tel 046-232-8811
The director Senichi Suzuki
Director’s career 1984 Nihon University School of Dentistry at Matsudo graduated from
Nihon University School of Dentistry at Matsudo first oral surgery part-time
opening of the 1987 Lion dental
2006 Nihon University clinical professor appointed
Lion implant center opened
in 2008 Germany International Academy of implant Associate Professor appointed
Street address Kanagawa prefecture Ebina City Katsase 140-3
home page
Medical time Monday · Tue · Water · Friday · Sat 10: 00 ~ 13: 00/14: 30 ~ 19: 00
※ The reception will be until 18:30.
Closed: Sunday · Thursday
Closed day Sunday · Thursday
nearest station Odakyu · JR · Sagami Rail Line Ebina Station
traffic For traffic, please contact the doctor’s office.


Excellent building dental office

At our hospital, we provide an environment where patients can receive treatment with peace of mind.
We will help you with health care so that each patient can enjoy life through optimal treatment of teeth such as treatment of implants, also known as second permanent teeth, orthodontic treatment.
Before starting treatment, I will explain the condition of the disease and treatment, but do not hesitate to ask doctors and staff if there is something you do not know about treatment. (Yiharu Hayashi)

It is a dental clinic in Shinjuku Ward Waseda. We are doing functional and aesthetic implant treatment. We also do socket lift (bone regeneration treatment), so please consult those who were told that bone is thin and can not be implanted.

Tel 03-3204-8850
The director Lin Yi Lin
Director’s career 1979 Nihon University Matsudo Dental College 1979-1983 Worked for IDA (International Dental Academy) 1983-1985 Worked at Kawazu Dental Clinic 1986 Yuan Building Dental Clinic opened
Street address Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Babashita-cho 62 Kuu Building 2F
home page
Medical time Weekday AM 10: 00 ~ PM 7: 00
Saturday AM 10: 00 ~ PM 6: 00
Closed day Sundays and public holidays
nearest station Waseda Station
traffic Tokyo Metro Tozai Line Waseda Station

Harajuku Dental Office

Since our establishment in 1974, our hospital has been used by many patients.
Many patients who have passed long have been loved in this area of ​​Omotesando.
Our hospital is based on comprehensive dental treatment. In other words, I believe that various troubles such as tooth alignment, tooth decay, loss of teeth, gum trouble, poor appearance, etc. can be regained in total, healthy, comfortable, beautiful mouth by properly treating each is.
Therefore, our hospital has always introduced state-of-the-art technology, many clinical experiences and latest equipment so that we can deal with all problems of mouth.
Moreover, not only what is latest is important, but from among many treatment methods, we select technologies that are more clinically effective, and we aim for patients with peace of mind.
In recent years, he has worked as clinical director, he is a chairman and instructor of SJCD (Society of Japan Clinical Dentistry), and has raised many dentists to give lectures at numerous academic conferences and study meetings We also provide guidance. (Mountain? Chiro)

It is a dental clinic in Shibuya, Omotesando. We are aiming for highly accurate treatments and technologies such as dental treatment, whitening, aesthetic dentistry, and implants. Shibuya station, Omotesando station 10 minutes on foot.

Clinic data
Tel 03-3400-9405
The director Mountain? Chiro
Director’s career 1970 Graduated from Tokyo Dental College 1974 Harajuku Dental Office opened
Street address 2-1-12 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
home page
Medical time 10: 00-13: 00 a.m. / 14: 00-18: 00 pm
Closed day Saturday · Sunday · public holiday
nearest station Tokyo Metro Line Omotesando Station
traffic Tokyo metro line Omotesando station 10 minutes on foot JR Yamanote line Shibuya station 10 minutes on foot

Ginza Ikebuchi Dentistry

Losing a tooth is very painful.
Spending everyday while feeling pain and incompatibility with dentures not fitting does not have a positive impact on the health of your mouth or spiritually.
At this hospital, we are conducting medical examination and operation of implants from 8 am to 9 pm on weekends as well as on weekends as well as weekends, holidays, so that people who are busy or those who are hospitalized from a distance can recover their dental health.
An experienced ITI Implant Certified Doctor with over 500 cases per year will do polite and less painful treatment as possible with consideration for functional and aesthetic aspects.
We will consider the state and hope of your mouth and explain the possibilities and comparisons of other treatments.
If you are having trouble with your teeth please feel free to contact us.
(Takeshi Ikebuchi)

I would like to attend a dental office, but I am too busy that I can not have much time.

I think I have to go but the treatment of my teeth hurts and seems scary ….

For that reason, most people who have not been able to visit other dental clinics until now are hospitalized here.
I want to receive treatment properly for such patients, we do medical treatment from 8 am to 9 pm on Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays as well as on weekdays.

In a relaxed state of mind and body, treat no pain.
From such a feeling, medical staff from the position of a clinic and patient in a warm and relaxed atmosphere, the director and staff, we have been trying until today since the opening.

There are many cases where casual signs that are often overlooked are actually silent signals emitted from the body.

Even if you are aware that something is wrong something,
you tend to leave it as it is because you do not understand or because you do not know where you can consult.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if there are any concerns, even if it is just a trivial thing, so that various such signs will not be a big trouble.

From general dental treatment to implants, whitening. With the latest equipment and reliable medical technology, we will spend time taking care of any troubles with your mouth.

Clinic data
Tel 03-5537-0335
The director Takeshi Ikebuchi
Street address Ginza 5-8-16 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Ginza Nakaya Building 3F
home page
Medical time (Monday – Sunday) AM 8: 00 ~ PM 9: 00 7
days a week
Closed day Please contact the doctor’s office regarding the closure day.
nearest station Ginza Station
traffic For traffic, please contact the doctor’s office.

Shono Dental Implant Center

Our center is offering the latest implant technology called all on 4 which is an implant treatment method that can chew on that day when surgery is given to patients who can hardly chew by edentulous jaw and periodontal disease in Tokushima I am going for the first time.

In order to support this technology, we have undergone overseas training at the Clinica Maro Center in Portugal and have been interacting with the developer, Dr. Malo.

We are introducing CT scan so that we can deal with patients with problems with dentures and patients with problems with periodontal disease. By using this CT scan, more safe surgical interventions became possible.

Through ISO (International Society of Osseointegration), we have a role of nurturing dentists who can start the world.

For patients with problems with teeth, we will do the latest and best techniques at this Tokushima, Shikoku area. (Taichiro Shono)

Periodontal disease · For dentures, those who do not chew well even if there are teeth, For those who have
lost their teeth due to accidents

Please realize the happiness that you can chew and eat your favorite things.

Do you have difficulty with dentures?

All-on-4 implant system is
” dentures is commonplace in poor condition ”
” dentures do not chew with the play in front of people .”
” The other things can not eat with a crunchy whole life ”
, ” not because it is old way ”
” tooth of playback is impossible .”
” because you are hooked the wire to the remaining teeth, no bite painful, things clogged ”
and …, is a method of treatment like to know what the people who are giving up.

Traditionally, 8 to 10 implants were implanted in the absence of any tooth, but for all on 4, it is possible to support 10 to 12 teeth with 4 implants.
Because the number of buried is reduced, treatment time / period can be shortened , bleeding, swelling, pain, long treatment time, number of visits to hospitals · · · can eliminate a lot of anxiety.
In addition, the buried number is small, and the burden of treatment cost is reduced .

Why All on 4 can support one jaw with “four implants”?

If you support something, it is better to support it with a surface rather than supporting it with a line. If you support it on the surface, it will stabilize by supporting it on a wider surface. Focusing on this principle, thinking to support the denture on the surface is the origin of the idea.
It depends on measuring various conditions such as the amount of the jawbone to determine which point you place 4 points on. It is decided by using advanced medical equipments such as dental CT scan and making a precise design drawing tailored to each person. Depending on the condition, 6 to 8 pieces may be necessary, but the basic is 4 pieces.
If there are at least 4 pieces, you can shape the surface and support dentures. In order to make a wider face, we also incorporate the theory of implanting the implant at an angle of inclination. A square surface is formed by connecting a total of 4 points of the implant head implanted at 2 points of the front teeth and 2 points of the molar teeth. The wider the surface, the more stable the force will support the denture. It is making the maximum area by putting inclination and putting the head in the back.
If you try to implant the implant for each defective tooth, 14 implants will be needed for one jaw.However, even in the case of edentulous chin (total dentures) or near edentulous jaws, all on 4 can be applied, so it can be reduced by 10 ways. It is a calculation that can save burying of 20 implants if it is a top and bottom jaw. Naturally the degree of surgery is also lighter so the burden will be lighter both physically and economically.


Treatment of pain that does not feel pain

There is no pain during treatment

Implant At the time of surgery, we will treat you with anesthesia beforehand, so you will not feel pain. After treatment, there may be some pain, but it is something that can be suppressed with medicine.

Clean environment reduces pain

Implant treatment in a dedicated operating room is treated in a neat and clean sterile environment and implants entering the body are also clean, so it is thought that there is little response to those pain, but individual differences among patients Yes, the reaction of the body differs depending on the original bone condition and the treatment we performed. Please adhere to the instructions of your dentist for medication etc, management after treatment.

Clinic data
Tel 088-653-2037
The director Taichiro Shono
Street address Tokushima Prefecture Tokushima City Higashiyamatecho 1-21-1
home page
Medical time Weekdays
AM 10: 00 – PM 2: 00
PM 3: 30 – PM 8: 00

AM 10: 00 – PM 2: 00
PM 3: 00 – PM 5: 30

closed: closed on Sundays and public holidays

Closed day Please contact the doctor’s office regarding the closure day.
nearest station JR Tokushima Station
traffic For traffic, please contact the doctor’s office.

Kichijoji Central Clinic

At Kichijoji Central Clinic (dentistry / internal medicine / dermatology department) we provide treatment planning draft making proposal and teeth model delivery to all patients.

In the draft plan for preparation of treatment, there are color photographs and radiographs of all the patients’ teeth at the time of first visit taken from three directions

, and what kind of treatment method is there? And how much will it cost if you use insurance? All the contents that the patient really wanted to know are listed, so

you can receive dental treatment with peace of mind.

There are also many patients who use dentistry as a second opinion as well as medical departments.

Because we will give

treatment plan preparation plan to all those who wish to visit at first visit, we have proposed plan for this treatment plan and it is good to see a dental clinic in your neighborhood It seems. (If you wish to distribute the model ※ Please request to the dentist in charge)

Online reservation page: (Masakatsu Yabe)

At Kichijoji Central Clinic (Dermatology Department · Internal Medicine · Dentistry) we are doing dermatology · internal examination and dental treatment by Professor Masakatsu Yabe and Professor Yabuki Sachiko who are familiar with Nippon Broadcasting and other radio and TV.
Fortunately, we are in a place that is easy to visit with a 5-minute walk from Kichijoji station. Many patients seeking dermatology, internal medicine examination and second opinion from all over the country are visited. If you are worried please contact us.

In Kichijoji central clinic (dentistry / internal medicine / dermatology department) it is possible to receive implant treatment from ¥ 180,000 (tax included). Including artificial teeth (ceramic teeth and metal teeth) in the implant body (artificial tooth root) is the price. We are also preparing a variety of artificial teeth, including hybrid ceramic, all ceramic, metal bond, metallic teeth and so on.

All of the dental clinics are private.
We have 1.5 times the usual space, so you can receive clear treatment.
Since it is a private room, you can talk to each responsible Dr. without concern for surrounding eyes.
Also, since all units are equipped with oral cavity photographing and monitoring, various facilities are installed, patients can receive good treatment.

Clinic data
Tel 0422-28-0552
Fax 0422-28-0553
The director Masakatsu Yabe
Street address 1-4-18 Kichijojimoto-cho, Musashino-shi, Tokyo George Forum Building 5F
home page
Medical time Clinical time 10: 00-20: 00 (last reservation reception time of first person 19: 30)
( Last reservation reception time of second and later person 19
: 15) Break time 13: 30 ~ 15: 00
Closed holiday 【Sunday · Public holidays】
Reservable time 【15 minutes ~ 2 hours】
※ If you can not go to hospital frequently due to work etc etc, we will take longer booking time for one time
Closed day Please contact the doctor’s office regarding the closure day.
nearest station JR Chuo Line · JR Sobu Line · Subway Tozai Line · Keio Inokashira Line Kichijoji
traffic For traffic, please contact the doctor’s office.

Konica dental clinic

If it is Ogura in Kitakyushu, Fukuoka Prefecture To the dental clinic at the end of the implant in Kitakyushu city Okura

Kitakyushu Ogura’s implant specialty clinic is equipped with the only 3DCT scan diagnostic equipment, the most safe and sure treatment We propose. It is one of the pride of rich equipment. (Takeshi Otani)

In recent years value for health has become increasingly popular as it is featured in many media.

Similarly in the field of dentistry, people’s attention is high as well, and words such as implant and periodontal disease prevention are now becoming more familiar to many people even if we are not dental health workers.

At the dentistry clinic, we will continue to contribute to the local community by offering state-of-the-art technologies that always consider esthetics, with three main pillars of implant treatment, periodontal disease treatment and prevention.

A special feature of dentistry clinic
● We propose the most ideal treatment to those who are suffering from periodontal diseases and dental prostheses and always provide cutting-edge treatment.
● Be sure that both parties agree and treat.
(Thorough informed consent)
● Those who received treatment such as implants at this clinic will be responsible for maintenance over the lifetime.


Clinic data
Tel 093-923-1182
The director Takeshi Kotani
Director’s career H.
10 years: graduation from Kyushu Dental College H. 10 to 15 years: Work at Kyoto Correction Implant Center
H.15-16 years: Study abroad
H.16 years ~: Kyoto Implant Revitalization Center work

association society
Japan Jaw occlusion society Certified Doctor)
DZGI International Implant Association (Certified Doctor)
International Society of Osseointegration Members
JIADS club Members
Japan Oral Implant Association Members

Street address Fukuoka Prefecture Kitakyushu city Kokura Kita ward 1-10-14 Shirogane
home page
Medical time 8: 30-12: 30 in the morning from 14:30 to 18:30
Closed day Saturday afternoon, Sunday, holiday
nearest station Koharuguchi Mikagano
traffic About 3 minutes on foot from the monorail “Koharuguchi Mikinano”
station About 1 minute on foot from Koganecho about 7 minutes by taxi from Kokura station
3 parking spaces

artistic dental clinic

Dentist greetings

It is Arai of Artistic Dental Clinic.
Thank you very much for seeing this homepage.
The clinic was opened as an implant specialist clinic in Osaka and Kyobashi, and now, in order to respond to various aesthetic needs of patients, comprehensive dental treatment is performed with three pillars including aesthetic dentistry and orthodontic dentistry We are.

In recent years, demands for beauty have diversified irrespective of sex, and teeth are also similarly restored only to the function of teeth such as “tooth pain is lost”, “just need to be white”, “just bite” Not only treatment, the demand for treatment (= aesthetic dentistry) to restore and improve both harmonious beauty and function such as “I want to cure beautifully”, “I want to recover to natural color”, “I want to make it more white” are also strengthened I am coming.

Under such circumstances, at the artistic dental clinic, we are working diligently to satisfy various requests for the aesthetic properties of your teeth, and we are proposing various treatment methods to suit your needs I will. In addition, many clinics enroll aesthetic dentistry, doctors who specialize in implants and orthodontists. Taking advantage of different expertise from the general dental clinic, we worked to make it useful for every healthy and beautiful teeth in the team when necessary, and we received high popularity from many patients.

If you have any concerns about your teeth, consultation, hope of treatment etc If you have anything from the story first, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.
Also, it would be greatly appreciated if this website would be useful to a lot of people who considered aesthetic treatment.

Artistic dental clinic
dentist Arai Saintn


Doctor’s office
This hospital is a dental clinic boasting the number one of the domestic surgical operations specialized in implant treatment in Osaka prefecture Osaka city Miyoshima-ku (Kyobashi Ekimae / JR · subway · Keihan each line). We have also been managing the site of “Osaka Implant Information Office” from that experience, and thank you for visiting patients from all over the country.
At this hospital, the highest level specialist / certified doctor is jointly proposing and managing treatment. Since treatment costs are set at low prices, we can receive high-quality implant treatment with an unreasonable burden even for patients coming from Osaka, the Kansai region, and various parts of the country.
Access to this hospital is good, and we have you visit to Osaka, Kobe, Nara, Wakayama, Mie, Kyoto, Shiga, Kyushu, Nagoya, Tokyo and those living abroad.
Clinic data
Tel 06-6136-0877
Fax 06-6136-0878
The director Makoto Sakaguchi
Street address Osaka-fu Osaka-shi, Miyakojima-ku, 2 – 10 Higashi Nodamachi Miyakojima Housing Kyobashi Building 2 F
home page
Medical time 11: 00 ~ 20: 00 (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)
11: 00 ~ 19: 00 (Sat)
11: 00 ~ 17: 00 (Sunday)
* Mondays · Tuesdays · Public holidays are closed.
Closed day Please contact the doctor’s office regarding the closure day.
nearest station For the nearest station please contact the doctor’s office.
traffic For traffic, please contact the doctor’s office.


Smile concept Shibuya clinic

All of our staff have graduated from a specialized department of dentistry (Department of Dentistry · Dental Hygiene Department, Department of Dental Technical Engineering etc.), each has acquired a national license of special field.
Since all the staff are professional groups involved in dentistry, please leave it if you are concerned about dentistry, such as dental information, treatment technology, etc.
The same doctor and staff are also conducting medical examination at Shibuya Clinic and Yokohama Bay Clinic.Transfers between hospitals are also possible. Visit a clinic easy to hospitalize.

(Kei Yoshimasa)

Doctor’s office


The specialized smile concept in dentistry in Shibuya and Yokohama has over 4000 orthodontic cases and 20 years of orthodontic clinical experience. In 2000 the Smile Concept was born.
Since then, more than 4000 people, about 500 people a year now are undergoing dental treatment with the smile concept.

Tel 0120-017-402
The director Yoshimasa Kiki
Director’s career 1965 Born in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo,
1990 Graduated from Meihan University School of Dentistry
1990 – 1993 Worked at the Japanese Orthodontic Institute
1993 – 2001 Worked as a correctional clinic at the Meihai University Hospital (full-time 7 years, part-time 2 years)
University Hospital Orthodontic Dentistry Acquired a Japanese accreditation physician at the Orthodontic Academy during her enrollment.
SJCD aesthetic dental basic course (1 year) end.
He is in charge of orthodontic dentistry, aesthetic dentistry at the general dental office.
Orthodontic dentistry, aesthetic dental clinic Total twelve years of training.
2000 SmileConcept Orthodontic Dental Clinic.
2009 As of orthodontic / aesthetic dentistry clinical 20 years, Visiting researcher at the University of Southern California
Street address 1-14-14 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
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Medical time 10: 30 ~ 19: 00
(last reception 18: 30)
Closed day Day, month, fire, congratulation
nearest station Shibuya Station
traffic Shibuya station east exit 1 minute Tokyo Metro (entertainment subway) 11th exit Front 0 min Ginza line, Hanzomon line, new line 13 – Fukutoshin Line