Basel show, the first appearance of the watch will be market barometer (below)

distance on March 22, 2018, the world watches and clocks jewelry Basel (Baselworld 2018) kick off in Basel, Switzerland has been less than a month’s time. 1500 visitors expected to nearly 1500 brands, and more than 3000 media reporters, will meet in Basel this town jointly usher in clocks and watches of the world’s largest jewelry fair. & have spent

Baselworld has become a one hundred – year – old jewelry watch industry’s biggest rally.

as one of the world’s biggest watch jewellery, Baselworld has a long history, its history can be traced back to 1917 at the earliest. Development to today, Baselworld has become a one hundred – year – old jewelry watch industry’s biggest rally, brands will take this time to release the new product, and dealers and collectors from all over the world and hence convergence, local media industry the latest news. Can say, the world watches and clocks jewelry Basel for the coming year has significant influence jewelry watches markets around the world.

in the past year for Swiss watch see dawn a year, after a series of market impact, in 2017 by the end of the market sales up slightly, also let many brands began to actively adjust the marketing strategy of the New Year. So, in order to bring the good momentum continues, various brands and what are the representative works that took out to occupy the market? Those journalists gathered at the moment for you in advance on the Basel show new product, the wrist watch is probably 2018 wrist of the most eye-catching star.

treasure pearl: master calendar brand-new deduce

appeared for the first time since 2002, when two phases of the moon full calendar function will become the classic work for treasure pearl. 2018 in Basel, bao Po will launch more new locations through all phases of the moon watches, carrying the brand exclusive hidden adjustment button, when both full calendar of practical phases of the moon complex function again.

through all phases of the moon watches not only can show a week or a month, also can pass the blue steel coil inner ring pointer reads dial indicating the date of calibration; At 6 o ‘clock position of the moon Windows, can be called classic brand identity. Moreover in full through the phases of the moon on the wrist watch, the function (GMT) when the two add, make this meter when the ranks of the watch of wrist of complex function, become across time zones business ideal travel companion & ndash; & ndash; Clockwise instructed local time, the other red pointer display the traveler’s home the second time zone. & have spent

treasure pearl Villeret classic series of brand new locations through all phases of the moon watches dial layout, table back hidden adjustment buttons and gold put tuo

now treasure pearl produced movement also carry the safe and reliable silicon hair, ensure high wrist watch antimagnetic and preciseness of the outstanding performance. Set-up exclusive of the hidden treasure pearl button, the wearer simply using your fingertips, you can easily set the calendar and phases of the moon, according to having to use additional calibration tool. Through the crown, local time, also can rapid calibration, calibration of the unit for an hour at a time.

treasure pearl Villeret classic series full calendar when both phases of the moon watches paragraphs red gold and stainless steel

bao qi lai, the 130th anniversary of the tribute

this year marks the 130th anniversary of the bao qi lai, brand for a series of very memorable. In particular, treasure together for independent research and development of CFB A2050 outer set on tuo chain movement with a new coat of showily: 43 mm Manero edge new power wrist watch (Manero Peripheral) in the rose gold case, will first put tuo technology to the outer foil brand more outstanding.

rose gold manero edge power wrist watch

this new retain manero edge power wrist watch series of elegant and round shape, its distinctive outline, downy curve and polishing compared with the simple sense of dumb face burnish. Although watchcase size larger, but still keep the line with proper proportion, dial the wedge of timing and the size of the sharp sword pointer also with watchcase size change and adjustment, the pointer to smooth out the scale and more smoothly flowing out. & have spent

rose gold manero edge power wrist watch

new manero edge as power series wrist watch with existing table, assembly qi lai treasure their own design and development of CFB A2050 automatic chain machine, this machine is an extension of CFB A2000 machine series. CFB A2050 movement with Swiss official certification observatory, armed with the hour hand and the minute hand, 6 of a small second hand and 3 when a date display, and other functions. CFB A2050 movement by bao qi lai unique two-way rotation on the automatic chain tuo, energy storage drive chain, the movement of the Geneva stripe grinding decorate exquisite, times add elegant temperament; Movement power reserve about 55 hours, reliable performance, precision measuring line.

watch: red magic

& other; Having a unique style, unique & throughout; Is the hand that watch table TAB concept. This time, watch table again innovation, launched the first watch of wrist of bright red new ceramic material. The elasticity of new ceramic material has the characteristics of high density, which makes the hardness of 1500 hv2, far beyond the traditional ceramic 1200 hv2 hardness. New color ceramic stems from a major innovation, and the advent of the technology and the integration of high fever, high stress could be forged without firing pigment ceramics. With this unique coloring skill, watch table will bring a series of color ceramic watches. & have spent

new technology of high-tech ceramics, brightly colored not only, more with super hardness.

start the red magic ceramic Big Bang ‘watch USES vibrant bright red, which correspond with the strap. Limited release 500, casing diameter of 45 mm, table circle is made from red ceramic watch table patent, and through polishing processing. Flange, dial, scores and second counter, the Arabic numerals and pointer all use the same bright red, match the table ring tone, and highlight the ‘HUB124 produced movement and the difference of guide pin wheel mechanical, and borrow from sapphire mirror dial is clearly visible.

true force: when Cuba amorous feelings

in 2018, comes at a time when the twentieth famous Cuban Havana cigar festival, Switzerland advanced tabulation ZENITH really force with legendary cigar brand manufacturers Cohiba front-loaded, launched in style limited wrist, is true force when the pilot series added two new Type 20 family members & ndash; & ndash; Global set limit to sell 50 pilots series Type of 20 Cohiba maduro 5 rose gold watch of wrist of special edition and 150 pilots by bronze series Type 20 Cohiba maduro 5 special edition timing wrist watch. & have spent