Angs launch ponder dye-in-the-wood “coat Hanger” jewelry Hanger of beauty

Hanger of beauty & ndash; & ndash; Angs fashion thy neck new hangers series

, in the autumn of 2017 angs launched make public express & other Hangers & throughout; Series accessories. Simple and free clothes tree modelling, mirror the golden hand in photograph reflect with colored gems, modelling concise and rich texture of collide with each other, get subtle balance between publicity and fun. This series covers rich sense of earrings, necklaces and the brooch.

there is no end in desire, wardrobe will not fill, women in the pursuit of beauty has no end.

in the different quality of a material is the of all kinds of different style clothes, her pride, her heart, also have her to love and beauty to nostalgia, the row of the suspension is not only the clothes hangers, and her life. & have spent & have spent

hanger series was inspired by the clothes closet forever absence. No matter how many were in almirah, women there can always be a moment of consternation, when discovered, really quiet reflection any clothes are likely to bump unlined upper garment, sooner or later, any pair of shoes will be out of date, only oneself, there is no substitute. To know the talent is the main part of the clothing, the clear what you want, bold show out their own ideas and style, constantly upgrade yourself, was always confident high premise.

design language: realistic clothes tree modelling, match asymmetric inlaid gems. Have a desire to have charm, not depressive emotion, not artificial, radiate the light of highly personalized. DetailPic

about color: colorful with golden color gem bold color, bright and clean and contracted hanger meet with ruby and crystal violet, golden golden gem as the harmony between the two.