All ceramic crown

The all ceramic crown makes teeth, teeth, colors and shapes beautiful in a short time.

Ceramic crown is a treatment method that arranges teeth, colors and shapes by placing a ceramic tooth on the teeth cut to a small size (about 1 – 1.5 mm).

It is possible to respond to such cases that only the tooth which has changed color, as well as the case where only irregular teeth of size, teeth with clearance, unsatisfactory teeth of tooth alignment, tooth root part are left.

It is a white tooth.
Because it is made of 100% ceramics, it transmits light naturally, it can not be distinguished from natural teeth. As well as front teeth, it
can also be used for molars and inlays (stuffing) .

· Because it is manufactured only with ceramic, there is natural clearness and shine.

· Suitable for metal allergies when used in conjunction with ceramic cores.

· Since we are not using metal at all, we do not have to worry about seeing a black line.

· It will not discolor in the long term.

· The strength slightly drops compared with metal bond.

· As the amount of tooth scrape increases, it is not recommended for teeth with nervousness.