What is esthetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is comprehensive dental care that focuses on the beauty of teeth.
Regarding the beauty of teeth, it seems to be a harmony of form beauty, color beauty, functional beauty.
The dental technology has also evolved, and the cost of aesthetic dentistry has also become lower, and it is becoming more familiar.

Teeth have functional aspects and aesthetic aspects, both of which are important elements of health.

However, the treatment under the health insurance system tends to be biased towards functional dental treatment, and there is a limit to the cosmetic dental treatment.

The purpose of aesthetic dentistry is to contribute to healthy body creation so that many patients can send rich days as well as other general medical practices.

Specific contents of aesthetic dentistry include orthodontics, whitening, all ceramic, Cercon, and other artificial teeth made of special materials.
In recent years, dentistry to give pierced teeth called sky has also increased.

As for tooth treatment, I think that you will quickly imagine periodontal diseases and decayed teeth, but the impression of a person changes greatly depending on whether you have beautiful tooth alignment or shining white teeth.

Of course, having toothless changes the impression greatly.
Healthy teeth also lead to the impression of others and the confidence of the person.
Not only functional treatment, but also advanced aesthetic dentistry is actively seeking beautiful teeth.

In aesthetic dentistry, we aim to not only teeth but also gums, and to acquire the beautiful smile that is original. Now that the quality of life is being questioned, it can be said to be one of the areas that are drawing much attention.