About the wrist watch, those who want to ask is ashamed to ask the question again

when buying a watch, your heart is suppressed a lot of super want to ask, but embarrassed to ask questions? We asked a wrist watch expert answers for you. Even read this article can’t solve all the doubts in the heart, want to buy table when there are such that question mark out, remember the most important criteria: it is good to oneself!

Q: table can maintain?

often receive such ask, ask what should buy watch? And be sure to can appreciate that. Encountered such a problem, I always face the embarrassment of capital can’t answer it. Ask the way, & other; Who told you to buy table would make money? Throughout the &; Many people answer & other; Store sales & throughout; Because watches every few years would raise the price, even every year.

in fact, ordinary consumers will depreciate after bought a watch! Store is very value does not represent a wrist watch, and this is very very brand approved by the unilateral, not market decision. Can truly response the value of the wrist watch, only second-hand and the auction market. Although these places also have the hype, but much less compared with moisture. Used tables sold at half price is common, and even a brand new watch can low to 3 fold, very very more than 100 tables and even get rid of the previous & other; 1 & throughout; , into a fraction. So, many people want to sell his watch, will be pawnbrokers second-hand price to cry.

there is no denying the fact that it is true that some people on watch appreciation to earn the money, but it is really rare. They by eyesight, resources, energy and luck, consumers don’t have these. Calm think again, if a person has an eye, resources, energy and luck, why am I still watch appreciation earned money? Not engaged in other industries to make money faster.

if someone tells you which to buy a watch can rise to make money, about three kinds of people. A table, a liar, a real master. In reality, the vast majority are in front of the two kinds of people.

Q: on a business trip to bring a list box? If put the table in luggage, how to don’t affect its traveltime and performance?

if take several watches, the best prepared table boxes, avoid knock against and extrusion. If put table in the suitcase, the watch itself and the box of table is best is wrapped bubble, slow down the vibration transfer.

Rapport London

roughly the size of the thick than the palm of your hand slightly, even into the pocket is not conspicuous. Can install one wrist watch.

& yen; 1200


the wrist watch brand Bremont produced, especially designed for the flight passenger. Can be installed three watches.

& yen; 1500

Q: use the same ETA movement, why some watches to sell more expensive?

although same ETA movement are used, but in same ETA movement, there are different levels. ETA movement of its movement factory is divided into four levels, respectively is Standard Standard, Elaboré Into the class level, Top, Top, Chronometer observatory. The four levels of ETA movement, are using the same mechanical mechanism, appearance looks almost exactly the same. But in the choice of raw materials, work quality, different parts on the roughness of existence, at the same time the last execution of precision when the standard is different also. ETA movement, different grades of material and workmanship, nature price is different also. And for luxury watches, the high value-added products. Every 10% increase in cost, price may increase 20%, 30%, and more.

in addition, also have to consider the factor of brand, style and crust material, which affect the price of the watch. So lead to appearance clearly look the same with the movement, but the price is different.

Q: the tourbillon watch why so expensive? Because go too accurate?

on June 26, 1801, Abraham & ndash; Louis & middot; Breguet official institutions obtained a new alignment device of the patent right, valid for 10 years, named & other; The Tourbillon (Tourbillon, French, Italian for vortex) & throughout; . Mr Breguet envision the entire balance spring tackled longitudinal speed control system installed on the activities within the framework of whole turns per minute. So, all error is repeated regularly, which offset each other. In addition, the pendulum shaft contact points in their jewel bearing changing, can ensure the lubrication effect is better.

according to the idea of breguet himself, this kind of design of the tourbillon very cow, but designed by the invention to the physical transformation was not all plain sailing. Mr Breguet patented in 1801, but he was only experiment. Direct after four years, will be officially into the market, the tourbillon watch only accept customization. From 1805 to 1823 Abraham & ndash; Louis & bull; Breguet’s death, 18 years breguet sold only 35 pieces of the tourbillon watches and clocks.

why would cause such a situation? Because depend on the time of the clock processing technology production the tourbillon too difficult. Clock movement in the wind power already not much, now need to drive a activity framework. Yu Shituo flywheel activity framework must be done very lightweight, the weight is less than 1 g of the tourbillon framework, in this way can machine gear train. Such a lightweight framework in the lathe machining technology of incomplete s. Even make the appearance of the framework, but also to the entire balance spring escapement system balance. So the tourbillon processed has been a difficult problem, according to records, in the 200 years after the invention of the tourbillon, only about 200 of the watchmaker command of the advanced technology. Therefore, with the tourbillon device clocks and watches of high prices.

the tourbillon in 1801, is a leading technology, processing of materials is not good because the clocks and watches, clocks and watches in order to improve the precision of breguet shall not use the mechanical structure to make up for the barycenter offset problem. But with the development of nearly 200 years, the use of cattle hooves of refined animal oil has become a synthetic oil, carbon steel spring has been upgraded to a cobalt base alloy, connect breguet’s own invention breguet balance spring after Eduard Phillips and other people also improved after scientific mathematical calculation. Balance spring change is bigger, has completed from the wire, Elinvar alloy, Nivarox alloy, blue niobium alloy changes, even nonmetallic silicon used to balance spring production. At this point, the nc machine tool technology has grown up, do a tourbillon framework is very simple, every minute. But the tourbillon difficult assembly, difficult maintenance, difficult maintenance, easy to damage after 200 years or has not changed.

modern tourbillon watches in daily wear stability, accuracy, and no good ordinary watch, the more expensive because of the history, brand premium, premium even hype to function.

Q: why can’t watch the calendar in the evening?

when watches pointer that is time & other At 8 PM to 2 am the next day & throughout; , turns the calendar calendar circle of inner gear and gear Angle have contact. At this point, if the adjusted using the calendar just switch gear, gear can lead to wear and tear, even gear fracture, so watch the calendar function of damage. So, this paragraph of time became a calendar watch adjustment area.

calendar watch has long been a problem of the area, clocks and watches of each brand designers are looking for a solution. Although a lot of clocks and watches are equipped with a special structure to avoid calendar watch box, but with the ordinary people & other; Would rather believe it is, no confidence throughout its no &; Principle, because it is seen more chances and damage to watch friends.

first, even the design of the area, have caused such as the spring force, metal fatigue fracture; Second, most people don’t know whether their calendar watch have solve the design of the calendar restricted, even guide senior exclusive stores are not clear, because the movement of the calendar component are hidden under the dial, only watch maintenance division after open the machine to be sure; Third, the movement of each manufacturer, each batch may be found in the calendar section has a different design.

so, how to properly adjust the calendar? Best in watches pointer display, & other; At 8 PM to 2 am the next day & throughout; This period of time to adjust. If the pointer to display in this awkward time, can take the table to adjust to the outside of this period of time, which can adjust the calendar again.

note, here referring to & other; At 8 PM to 2 am the next day & throughout; The box is not the real time in real life, but watch pointer display of time.