A wear watch vulgar? That is what you didn’t master the collocation method

don’t take it for granted that only the money never will buy a gold watch, we are here to watch name: the design of the watch can be elegant, the gentleman, wear proper can reflect your selected tables also taste.

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watch the match the sample, if found gold band together can also cool and have a type? Heart, look at the following a few.

Vacheron Constantin Vacheron Constantin Overseas globetrotting researchers-and series timing wrist RMB 449000

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18 k 5 n pink gold case for 42 mm in diameter, through inspiration from brand Maltese cross envisage the bezel with crown and screw lock button, can protect the mechanical movement from the magnetic field effects of up to 25000 A/m, ensure accurate as well.

Rolex Rolex oyster perpetual motion type type week calendar watch

 Rolex. JPG

pure gold watchband is equipped with three arched link, link embedded ceramic components, more flexible and durable. Outer ring the new hidden underneath our connection to ensure that strap watchcase and achieve seamless connection between visual effect. A new generation of concealment type crown buckle with hinged rolex open crown logo, for the strap added dot eyeball on aesthetics and function.

Audemars Piguet royal oak Abby perpetual calendar watch

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watch the most classic combination of gold and watchmaking complex function. In & other; Grande Tapisserie” Big case grain decoration on the dial, date, week, month, week display, accurate phases of the moon, dial outer ring and a leap year show clear. 41 mm gold watch case and band together, show a wrist watch the style of pure and hale, word collocation AP folding clasp strap, the width of the natural decline, smooth lines.

it treasure pearl Villeret series stealth set-up through all phases of the moon watches

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the 18 k red gold woven strap is very characteristic, tie-in Villeret dial looks is very gentle. Especially it took their cue from the 18th century in terms of date display period of ancient traditional tabulation, use blue steel on the dial serpentine pointer, to identify the different instruction function.