2018 the Basel show The first appearance of the watch will be market measures

distance on March 22, 2018, the world watches and clocks jewelry Basel (Baselworld 2018) kick off in Basel, Switzerland has been less than a month’s time. 1500 visitors expected to nearly 1500 brands, and more than 3000 media reporters, will meet in Basel this town jointly usher in clocks and watches of the world’s largest jewelry fair.

Baselworld has become a one hundred – year – old jewelry watch industry’s biggest rally.

as one of the world’s biggest watch jewellery, Baselworld has a long history, its history can be traced back to 1917 at the earliest. Development to today, Baselworld has become a one hundred – year – old jewelry watch industry’s biggest rally, brands will take this time to release the new product, and dealers and collectors from all over the world and hence convergence, local media industry the latest news. Can say, the world watches and clocks jewelry Basel for the coming year has significant influence jewelry watches markets around the world.

in the past year for Swiss watch see dawn a year, after a series of market impact, in 2017 by the end of the market sales up slightly, also let many brands began to actively adjust the marketing strategy of the New Year. So, in order to bring the good momentum continues, various brands and what are the representative works that took out to occupy the market? Those journalists gathered at the moment for you in advance on the Basel show new product, the wrist watch is probably 2018 wrist of the most eye-catching star.

when Holly: ocean guardians atoll

when in Cleveland the pearl island limited edition watch

Marine conservation has been in full support of the public welfare undertakings, and therefore has spawned many associated with limited memory table. In May 2017, when the Holly had funded the Cleveland by the research organization N2Pix pearl island adventure & ndash; & ndash; Cleveland pearl island is located in the southwest of Mexico waters, in recent years, its unique ecosystem by the threat of illegal fishing and pollution, ecological protection is imminent. In the six months after the end of the expedition, launched to brand trademark diving watches Aquis as the prototype of the qualicoat pearl island limited edition. New watch global set limit to 2000, some of its sales profits will be devoted to Marine conservation projects in the future.

Holly when Cleveland pearl island limited edition watch, rubber and stainless steel strap to meet the needs of different wear.

watch gradient blue dial, design inspiration is derived from the qualicoat pearl island sea color, in the middle of the atoll lagoon QingJian blue, while around for more than 60 meters drop sharply and appear dark ink blue, an artistic conception. 43.5 mm casing made of stainless steel, with 300 meters of waterproof performance, screw-plug bottom cover marker are Christopher pearl atoll pattern and geographical coordinates. Salute

in addition to these design elements, the new watches also have Aquis series of excellent course diving watches properties. Wrist watch carrying Oris733 automatic mechanical movement, minutes and calendar display. Extended midway through the second hand is embedded with a Super – LumiNova® Luminous dot, in dim underwater is also very obvious.

longines: innovation breakthrough again after

longines watch comcast series V.H.P. wrist watch

2017 debut longines watch comcast series V.H.P. wrist achieved a major breakthrough in the field of quartz clock, walking with precision, superb technology and motion appearance, achievement and its unique elegant temperament. Today, the longines watch launched a new series of comcast V.H.P. timing wrist watch, with timing movement, and there are various colors to choose from, will be flying wing hourglass symbol by symbol timing long history continues. The movement is famous for its outstanding as precision, the error of every year only in & plusmn; 5 seconds. At the same time, it USES GDP (gear position detection) systems, can be affected by the magnetic field in wrist after reset the pointer. Besides these attractive traits, the movement more equipped with very long battery life, and calendar function.

longines watch comcast series V.H.P. wrist watch

this series provides two kinds of design such as stainless steel and black PVD, and equipped with 42 or 44 mm diameter two optional watchcase size. Watch of wrist of instructions, minutes and seconds, 3 when the position is equipped with 30 minutes timing set, 9 when the position is equipped with 12 hours timing set, dial the central timing pointer has 60 seconds. Each wrist watch can be adjusted through intelligent crown. EOL will monitor signal hint when the battery is about to run out. Comcast series V.H.P. timing wrist provide blue, carbon black, silver, black dial style such as optional. Watch money is equipped with stainless steel bracelet, blue or black rubber strap, with folding safety clasp.

degrees in the United States: history in wrist movement

pilot series 1939 year after engraving & other; Throughout the central pointer calendar &; Limited wrist watch

wind is popular, and name this year Swiss beauty degree table also return to launch a pilot series of complex engraving wrist watch. To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the brand’s history, the Swiss beauty degree table for the first time in 1939 issued a pilot series DATOMETER watches as the prototype, in 2018 launched a new version of the DATOMETER wrist & ndash; & ndash; The helmsman series 1939 year after engraving & other; Throughout the central pointer calendar &; Limited wrist watch.

pilot series 1939 year after engraving & other; Throughout the central pointer calendar &; Limited wrist watch

the new watch in original and name classic characteristics at the same time, add more full of fashion and modern elements. The new limited wrist watch adopts the mercerized burnish PVD rose gold plated stainless steel watchcase, fine silver dial of sandblasting, match with black transfer printing technology, a repeat of the wrist watch launched in 1939 the original classic design, the most special is that pointer indicating the date of the exclusive date. The helmsman series 1939 year after engraving & other; Throughout the central pointer calendar &; Limited wrist watch with nostalgic retro appearance and the unique function of time at the same time, also carrying the Swiss beauty table Caliber 80 automatic mechanical movement, is up to 80 hours long kinetic energy storage. To pay tribute to 1918 this year, the name of this new watch of wrist of set limit to issues 1918.